Tover Smart Floor Lacquer 5L


Tover Smart Floor Lacquer 5L | Low Cost Water Based Floor Lacquer Suitable For Sealing And Protecting Low To Medium Traffic Wooden Floors

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Polyurethane Floor Lacquer


  • No nonsense water based floor lacquer from Tover

  • A low cost floor lacquer with a great coverage area

  • A non yellowing formula, fume free & easy to apply

  • Compatible with all residential wood floors & furniture

  • Manufactured with Tover`s self linking technology

  • A non glazing and natural looking water based sealer

  • Compatible with all solvent and water based primers

  • To be used on wood floors,worktops, toys, furniture

  • Estimate drying time 1-3 hours | Covers 10-12 sq m

  • It contains no solvent or any type of harsh chemicals

  • Superior protection to black marks, scuff & scratching

  • Highly appreciated by the wood floor sanding industry


Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Why Use It


In a world where the price of product is going up and up on a weekly basis, Tover has come up with a professional quality water based floor lacquer much cheaper and much better than its competition. The product looks and protects the wood floor like any other “expensive” type of water based floor lacquer. The ideal floor lacquer for residential wood floors, furniture, frames & doors, worktops, toys, etc. There is no need for any special training to be able to achieve spectacular results.


Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Where To Use It


A deep penetrating polyurethane based water based floor lacquer compatible with all low to medium traffic wooden floors. A low cost water based floor varnish that provides pretty much the same durability as any other premium floor lacquer. It can be used to seal wood floors, wood furniture, wood worktops, toys, frames, doors, etc. A quick drying and easy to use water based floor lacquer. Suitable for all horizontal and vertical applications. Not suitable for outdoor use. This product is highly appreciated by the professional floor sanding industry and the house painting industry. The product has amazing self linking technology that enables the lacquer to penetrate the wood in full and harden up inside the wood.


Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | How To Use It


Most water based floor lacquers are designed to maintain the wood as natural as possible without artificial glazing. By doing so, it shows all imperfections and poor quality sanding. So before preparing for lacquering the surface has to be sanded to perfection with the appropriate grits.


  1. Sand the surface with 40 grit, then 60 grit, 80 grit & finish it with 100 grit sandpaper

  2. Even brand new wood floors will require a light sanding before sealing

  3. Vacuum the surface a number of time (the fine dust will make the surface rough)


Now that the surface is ready for sealing, you should make sure that you have enough floor lacquer to finish the whole floor. The estimated coverage area is “estimated” only. The actual coverage area can increase or decrease depending on the roughness of the surface, the application method and the skill of the applicator. Use a small varnishing brush to apply the product around the edges and around the areas where the varnishing roller cannot fit. Use a large professional varnishing roller to apply the floor lacquer on the larger areas. Remember, move along with the fiber of the wood and not against it. Roll the lacquer until the wood has absorbed most of it and then move along.


  1. Apply 1 coat of wood primer (solvent or water based)

  2. Abrade the primer with 150 grit sandpaper and vacuum

  3. Apply one coat of floor lacquer lacquer and abrade after about 3 hours

  4. Apply the second coat of floor lacquer after about 2 hours

  5. A third coat of lacquer is possible but not necessary (1 primer & 2 lacquers is plenty)


Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Recommendation


Do not use the new Tover Smart Floor Lacquer to seal high traffic commercial floors. Do not apply the new Tover Smart Floor Lacquer over oil based wood stains. Do not apply another coat unless the first coat is fully dry. Be sure to abrade between the coats if you are looking for a smooth finish. Do not walk on the wet floor. Do not leave puddles of lacquer on the floor. Do not mix up different sheen lacquers.


Tover Smart Floor Lacquer



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Matt, Semi Gloss


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