Spray Mops

Keep Your Wooden Floors Looking Beautiful with Our Spray Mops 

We are well aware of the struggles of keeping your hardwood floors clean. At Wood Care Products, we stock some of the best spray mops to help you keep your floor shiny. One of the key reasons to invest in spray floor mops is that they don’t over-wet the floors. It minimises the risks of water damage on your wooden floors. 

The spray floor mops listed on our portal are lightweight which makes it easy to maintain your wooden floors. We stock only those spray floor mops that have been tested by our team of specialists. Our main focus is to make sure that you only get the best product to maintain wooden floors. You can now make your wooden floors spotlessly clean with mops listed on our online store. 

Why Buy Spray Mops from Wood Care Products?

Bid farewell to the days of lugging around heavy buckets and wringing out mops. With our spray mops, you can clean your wooden floors efficiently and conveniently. Listed are the reasons why you should buy spray mops to clean your wooden floors. 

  • Ergonomic Design 

The spray mops we stock have an ergonomic design and a sturdy construction. In other words, you can easily manoeuvre them across the wooden floors. Even if you are using oiled floor cleaners, our spray mops can come in handy. 

  • Accurate Misting 

One of the key highlights of our spray floor mops is that they produce a fine mist of cleaning solution. This eliminates the need for messy buckets and also prevents over-saturation. With our high-quality spray floor mops, there are no risks of water damage on your wooden floors. 

  • Gentle and Effective 

Buy spray mops from our online store and effectively trap dust and debris. You can now protect your wooden floors from damage and scratches with our spray floor mops. 

Shop from a Wide Selection of Spray Mops 

At Wood Care Products, we are committed to offering you the best wooden floor cleaners. All spray mops listed in our store have been extensively tested by our experts. We have the following types of spray floor mops available at our online store. 

  • Alfred spray mop 
  • Bona-oiled floor spray mop 
  • Bone Tile and Laminate spray mop 
  • Bona wood floor spray mop 

Get Streak-Free Cleaning with the Best Spray Mops 

Minimise the frequency of applying a floor polish with our exclusive range of floor mops. Wooden floors are prone to water damage and warping. Our spray mops excel in this area by leaving minimal moisture behind. Moreover, the spray floor mops available at our store can effectively collect dirt and grime without leaving any unsightly streak marks. 

With Wood Care Products, you can trust that you’re getting the right tools to keep your floors spotlessly clean. Visit our online store today to buy the best spray mops in Ireland.