Sanding Belts

Restore Your Wooden Floors with Our Premium Range of Sanding Belts

Wood Care Products is excited to offer you a premium range of sanding belts online in Ireland. If you are tired of working with clogged and damaged sanding belts, we have the best option. We stock the best sanding belts in Ireland that will give you exceptional results. There is no point in hiring professionals when you have the best sanding belts available at Wood Care Products. 

Refinishing wooden floors is an uphill task and requires the intervention of specialists. However, things can be a lot simpler when you have premium-grade sanding belts. Homeowners and DIYers rely on our exclusive range of sanding belts for floor refinishing projects. Our sanding belts can easily remove scuffs and discolouration from your wooden floors. 

Sanding Belts – Faster and Efficient than Orbital Sanders 

Most people think that orbital sanders are one of the best devices to buff wooden surfaces. However, conventional orbital sanders require a lot of time to buff the wooden floors. If you are running short on time and want quick results, our sanding belts are your best option. 

The surface area of sanding belts is bigger compared to orbital sanders. That’s why they can sand floors at a faster pace. On the other hand, sanding belts work in a continuous motion. It is this unique motion that creates a smoother surface. 

Get Consistent Sanding Performance 

When you are sanding a wooden floor, it is important to have consistency. Our sanding belts will provide you with great consistency in any woodworking project. With accurate grit ratings and consistent distribution of abrasives, you can achieve a smooth and even finish every time. Bid farewell to sanding inconsistencies with our best sanding belts. 

Types of Sanding Papers Available on Our Store 

Before using a high-quality wood stain, it is crucial to sand the surface. Our high-quality sanding belts are effective in buffing out the imperfections. We have the following types of sanding papers available in our store.        

  • Drum Sanding Sheets
  • Karbosan Zirconia Blue Sanding Belts
  • Bona Sanding Discs 

We only stock the highest quality sanding sheets and belts so that you get the ultimate peace of mind. 

Remove Deep Scratches with Our Sanding Belts 

The sanding belts available in our store are effective in removing deep scratches. Moreover, you can apply a uniform coat of floor polish by sanding the floor thoroughly. We stock sanding belts with varying grits. We also have different widths of sanding belts so that you can easily work along the tighter spaces. 

At Wood Care Products, we understand the value of wooden floors. That’s why we stock genuine products that have been tested by our specialists. If you are looking for the best sanding belts online in Ireland, visit our store today.