Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer


Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer | High Traffic Water Based Floor Lacquer

World No 1 Commercial Floor Lacquer From Bona. Suitable For Sealing All Types Of Commercial And Domestic Wooden Floors


Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer



  • the most popular and the most highly recommended floor lacquer in the World
  • outstanding natural look, outstanding durability and resistance to traffic
  • available in “naturale”, extra matt and the popular silk matt (satin) finish
  • highly recommended for high to very high traffic areas, 100% water based
  • fume free, non yellowing, two pack floor lacquer, superb anti slip finish
  • suitable to seal wooden floors, stairs, furniture, frames, toys, statues, etc
  • to be applied in a two coats system over a primer, compatible with stains
  • re-sanding between coats required, to be applied with a varnishing roller
  • Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer can be used as an overcoat over finishes



Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer – Where to use



Two pack water based floor lacquer suitable for sealing all types of hardwood and semi solid wood floors. A product designed for wooden floors subject to very high traffic and daily use. Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer is also the ideal water based floor lacquer for people who have pets or wooden floors that are being cleaned daily with scrubber driers. The product will provide superior protection against dirt, grime, markings, chemical reactions, scratches & high heels. One of the most widely used and highly recommended high traffic water based floor lacquers. Available in naturale, extra matt & semi gloss finish.



Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer – How to use



You can use Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer on new floors, newly sanded wooden floors or as an overcoat over pre-existing finishes assuming that the surface is still in good shape, clean & dry. Sand the floor well to remove all rough areas and all imperfections. If you are looking for a change of colour, you can stain the floor with a Bona Craft Oil and then apply the first coat of floor lacquer or if you are looking for a natural finish, apply 1 coat of primer and then seal it with Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer. If you are overcoating a pre-existing finish, you should lightly sand the surface with 150-180 grit sandpaper to create a rough finish so the new coat will attach to it. After the first coat of varnish is done, allow about 2-4 hours to dry (it can vary from floor to floor and the humidity in the air) & then re-sand the first coat of floor finish with 180 grit sandpaper to remove all imperfections and all rough patches. Apply the second coat of floor lacquer and you are done. You should expect to cover around 12 sq meters per 1L of floor lacquer.



Before lacquering the floor :

  1. Make sure that the floor is dust free and well sanded
  2. Mix the hardener with the varnish and only use it 30 min later
  3. Only mix what you need. Any unused floor lacquer will get hard within 4 hours
  4. Add approx 100 ml of hardener per 1L of lacquer



Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer – Recommendations



All floors sealed with water based floor lacquers will require special care and maintenance. Use Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop to clean the floor. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals to clean the floor. Install scratch protectors on your chairs and furniture legs. Refresh the floor once in a while with Bona Wood Floor Refresher. Do not use standard mops and a lot of water to clean your wooden floors.



Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer




Weight 5 kg

Matt, Semi Gloss