Bona Hard Wax Oil

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Bona Hard Wax Oil | Top Quality Hardwax Oil From Bona. Suitable For Waterproofing & Sealing All Types Of Wooden Surfaces

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Bona Hard Wax Oil



  • High traffic hardwax oil finish suitable to use on all sealant free wood floors
  • Waterproofs the surface and creates a cool non glazing satin finish
  • To be applied in two coats systems with 24 hours break between overcoating
  • Bona Hard Wax Oil is manufactured from a blend of organic high quality oils
  • Suitable to use on floors with underfloor heating, it allows the surface to breath
  • Contains no cobalt or ketoximes, 100% safe for kids, pets & pregnant women
  • Creates a rich finish without glazing, it will cover around 30 sq meters per L
  • Suitable to use on floors with low, medium and commercial high traffic/usage
  • Dirt repellent, water repellant, easy to clean and maintain, easy to refresh



Bona Hard Wax Oil – Where to use



If you are looking for a 100% natural finish on newly sanded or new wood surfaces, you should consider using hardwax oil. Hardwax oil will waterproof and stain proof your wooden surfaces while permitting the wood to breathe freely. Bona Hard Wax Oil is one of the most highly recommended and widely used hardwax oils. The product is manufactured from organic natural oil, it contains no harmful chemicals and is very durable. Bona Hard Wax Oil can be used to seal all types of unsealed wood surfaces like floors, furniture, frames, statues, toys, etc. It will create a warm finish on bland wood surfaces without glazing. Superb waterproofing qualities.



Bona Hard Wax Oil – How to use



The product has to be applied to unsealed surfaces. Compatible with new or newly sanded wooden floors. Apply Bona Hard Wax Oil with a cloth, brush or a roller. The surface has to look wet but not over soaked. Allow the floor to absorb whatever it needs and remove the excess. The first coat should be fully dry within 24 hours. Apply the second coat only after the first coat is fully dry. Drying time can vary from floor to floor and day to day. Room temperature should be over 15C.



  1. Do not just roll the oil all over the floor and wait for it to dry. Remove the excess otherwise it will not dry.
  2. Do not apply the second coat for at least 24 hours
  3. Once or twice per year you will need to refresh your floor with a maintenance oil
  4. Only clean the waxed surface with proper oiled floor cleaners
  5. Make sure that you have enough product to complete the job


Bona Hard Wax Oil – Recommendation



Easy application process, the secret is to apply small amounts of oil at once and to rub it well to make sure that it penetrates the fibre of the wood. Do not walk on the floor while it is drying and do not mix different brands of oil if you are short of product. Follow the product’s application instructions and safety guidelines for best results.



Bona Hard Wax Oil




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