Cleaning Pads

Organise Your Cleaning Routine with Easy-to-Use Cleaning Pads from

Today’s millennial homeowners appreciate the ease of using innovative cleaning equipment to retain their homes’ elegance. That’s where we at come into being. We understand the trouble everyone experiences while searching for functional and suitable cleaning pads

That’s why we minimise your burden associated with selecting the right cleaning mop heads and pads. Buy aesthetically pleasing and functional mopping pads from us.

Accentuate the Beauty of Your Space with Cleaning Pads

From bathroom to floor cleaning, scrubbing and dusting every nook and crony of your house seems too challenging for busy working individuals. Alternatively, commercial and industrial areas also need to maintain the appearance of floors. 

Maintaining cleanliness in high-traffic areas seems challenging. So, we at, introduce these types of cleaning pads for domestic and commercial uses.

Microfiber Pad

Polishing a polished wooden floor or surface is somewhat complex. It requires a highly absorbent microfiber pad that can absorb polish and sealer in maximum quantity. That’s where a fine fibre microfiber applicator pad helps achieve a streak-free finish. 

On our portal, you will find Velcro-backed microfiber pads. A notable product on our list is the Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad. It simplifies your Household Chores with confidence. Alternatively, you can use it for commercial cleaning. 

If you already have a Bona flat mopping system and Velcro frames, using this cleaning pad becomes a saviour solution. The prime USP is it is machine washable. 

Grab your offers for cleaning pads from us at, and, polish large floor surfaces seamlessly. 

Dusting Pad

Dusting pads are vital equipment when it comes to routine floor cleaning. Our heavy-duty Velcro-based microfiber dusting pads are suitable for scrubbing and cleaning any type of floor. The innovative patented technology improves cleaning results. 

One such product that we bring on our portal is the Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Cleaning Pad. You can use it on any Bona flat mops. It’s suitable for domestic and commercial floor cleaning. 

Grab your Bona cleaning pad from our site and scrub impregnated dirt and grime with ease. 

Flat Cleaning Pads for Professional Use

Any hardwood floor requires protection against wood stains or wear and tear, especially those with high traffic. Flat mopping pads are always a better choice for wooden floors than standard pads. We introduce EMR 80, which is a floor pad. Its prime speciality is that it won’t leak water between the joints. As a result, it reduces water damage and keeps your wooden floors long-lasting. 

Use Cleaning Pads for These Cleaning Purposes

At, we simplify your search for wood care products. Here’s how you can use a branded cleaning pad from our portal for various cleaning purposes:

  • Floor Cleaning

From hardwood to vinyl, you can use a cleaning pad to retain the appeal of your floors.

  • Bathroom Cleaning

Eliminate stubborn soap scums and stains from your bathrooms with our cleaning and mopping pads.

  • Deep Cleaning

Keep your floor and surfaces spotlessly clean with mopping pads used for deep cleaning.

Get the finest machine-washable cleaning pads from us and ease your mopping routine.