Why Bona Traffic HD Is A Market Favourite For Floor Care

Why Bona Traffic HD Is A Market Favourite For Floor Care

Why Bona Traffic HD Is A Market Favourite For Floor Care

Bona – the brand, is already a household name, and everyone across the board, from flooring contractors, installers and maintenance crews, all through to floor cleaning companies, already know of it. The company has been in the floor care industry for close to a century now, providing formulations and equipment used in the different aspects of treating floors, increasing their protection, repairing damaged sections, as well as routine cleaning. When it comes to finishing agents, one of the leading products in the market is Bona Traffic HD. Here is a look at what makes it tick.

Features of the Bona Traffic HD

  • Built for tough

The core appeal of this formulation is its enhanced durability. It has been developed to meet the wear resistance requirements of high traffic establishments, from shopping malls, lobbies, exhibition halls, all through to mass transit points like train stations and airports. It protects the underlying wood tissue from the abrasive effects that would have resulted in these venues, preserving their structural integrity and enabling them to last for long. 

  • Non-yellowing

Unlike oil-based alternatives where one worries about a yellow hue forming over the wood floor, this won’t be the case with the Bona Traffic HD. It retains the look and feel of the application. Speaking of which, you can get it at different sheen levels, depending on your decor needs. There are three variations:

  • Silk Matt
  • Matt
  • Extra Matt 
  • Fast application

This is beneficial for both the contractor carrying out the application and the floor owner. There is a quick drying time in between consecutive coats. Here, it just takes 2-3 hours for the layers applied to dry, where it can be lightly sanded then the additional coat spread onto the floor. The working conditions of the Bona Traffic HD are also improved, as it spreads easily over the surface, enabling the contractor to achieve a uniform result. 

Once the application is done, the tools used can be cleaned with water. 

  • Minimised disruption 

There is also less downtime for establishments where floors are treated with the Bona Traffic HD. Here, normal traffic can be allowed back onto the flow within 12 hours, and it allows full usage in 24 hours. Within 5 days the floor will have completely cured.

  • Low VOCs

The impact of floor finishes on the indoor air quality is a critical factor to consider when making your purchase. After all, you don’t want the personnel carrying out the application, or the occupants of the building, being exposed to toxic agents. It’s also one of the reasons why oil-based polyurethanes keep receiving backlash, due to the high amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that they generate. With the water based Bona Traffic HD, on the other hand, the application is much safer. It has a low VOC amount, at under 5%, with a maximum of 52g/litre (including when it is mixed with the hardener).

In fact, the Bona Traffic HD has achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification for very low indoor emissions. This testing is done under the UL GREENGUARD Certification Program, and the level achieved by the Bona Traffic HD means that it can be used in more sensitive areas like schools and nurseries. The product has also obtained the EC1PLUS classification for low indoor emissions, another very stringent standard in the industry. 

  • Low Odours

It would also be frustrating when there are odours left within the rooms that have been treated, since these would make the occupants of the rooms uncomfortable. With the Bona Traffic HD, you won’t have to worry about that, given that it has a low odour content. 

  • Wide coverage rate

When it comes to how much usage you can get from the formulation, the Bona Traffic HD also gives you value for your money. Here, each layer of product gets to be used on 8-10m² of surface, depending on the dilution ratio used. This, coupled with aspects such as the enhanced durability that you get from the product where it reduces costs that go into the repair and maintenance of your floors, gives you more savings down the road. 

Extra Tips For Using The Bona Traffic HD

  • When the damage to the floor is not extensive, you can extend its life by overcoating it, which will prolong the duration before the next round of major renovations is required. Here, the surface is deep cleaned, a superficial abrasion carried out, then a new layer of the Bona Traffic HD applied. 
  • The success of this operation is tied to how well the surface has been prepared. The cleaning can be carried out using Bona PowerScrubber with diluted Bona Deep Clean Solution, and ensure that you don’t leave puddles behind. Allow the floor to dry, then sand it with grit 240 Bona Diamond Abrasives. 
  • Vacuum away the dust, wipe it off with a dusting pad or use clean water with the PowerScrubber to wash the surface, and allow it to dry. 
  • Apply a thin layer of the Bona Traffic HD, give it around an hour to dry, then add another layer. 
  • For cases where there are large gaps in the floor, deep scratches, cupped sections of the surface, and other kinds of extensive damage, then a complete floor sanding and refinishing is required. 
  • Here, the grit level used will depend on the state of the floor, going from coarse and medium grit to the fine grit abrasives. Any polish or wax that is on the floor surface should be completely removed.
  • The blemishes on the floor are resolved at this stage as well. For instance, the deep gouges and wide gaps are filled with a mixture of the sanding dust and filler product, which will have properties similar to the rest of the floor. The final sanding pass is carried out with grit 240 abrasives, after which the floor is vacuumed and cleaned to remove the dust.
  • With a stainless-steel trowel, spread that first layer of the Bona Traffic HD onto the floor and allow a 30 to 60-minute drying time. This is then followed with 1-2 layers of the Bona Traffic HD, which can be applied with a roller or T-Bar.

Why Bona Traffic HD Is A Market Favourite For Floor Care

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