Varnishing Brush


Varnishing Brush | Professional Soft Varnishing Brush

Premium quality varnishing brush suitablre for applying primers, sealers & varnishes. Easy to use, very durable & suitable for professional use

Varnishing Brush



  • Highly effective varnish & primer brush
  • Suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use
  • Manufactured from chemical resistant plastic bristles
  • Suitable for applying varnishes around narrow corners
  • Available in 2” and 2.5” to suit all applications jobs
  • Reasonably priced, highly absorbent & very long lasting brush
  • Can be reused many times if washed after use



Varnishing Brush – Where to use



When sealing or applying finishes on newly sanded wooden floors you need to use top of the range tools and equipment to achieve the best possible results. Our varnishing brush will help you apply sealers around all the narrow corners, all hard to reach areas and on the stairs. The brush will absorb a lot of varnish or primer at once and it will release it in an even coat all over the areas that the varnishing roller cannot fit. The brush bristle is soft and very easy to use.



Varnishing Brush – How to use



You want to work clean and you want to do the job right in one go. You will need to put the varnishing brush inside the varnish tray, allow the brush the absorb as much varnish or primer as it can and then going along with the fibre of the wood, apply one thick coat of sealer all over the working area where the varnishing roller cannot fit or, if it could fit, it might touch surfaces that should not be touched. After you are done with it just wash the brush under running water if you have used a water based sealer or clean it in white spirit if you have used a solvent based sealer. Our varnishing brush can be used many times over before a new one is needed.



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Varnishing Brush






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Varnishing Brush Size

5 CM, 7 CM