Tover Wood Stains


Tover Wood Stains | Premium Quality Wood Stains From Tover. High Coverage Area, Unique Colours & Very Easy To Apply. Suitable For Professional Use

Tover Wood Stains


  • Premium quality wood floor stains suitable for staining wood floors & furniture

  • Outstanding coverage area, beautiful natural colours, very easy to apply/use

  • It will penetrate the fibre of the wood fully to enhance the natural beauty of the wood

  • To be overcoated with a two pack water based floor lacquer or solvent sealer

  • Suitable for manual application, mechanical application or industrial applications

  • Highly popular with the floor refinishing, wood resurfacing industry & domestic

  • Affordable, cost effective, low fumes, very fast drying, unaffected by UV light

  • Available in a wide range of colours to match most wood surfaces

  • 1L of Tover Wood Stain will cover between 20 to 40 sq meters (it can vary)


Tover Wood Stains – Why Tover


It is pretty easy to transform a beautiful piece of wood into a terrible looking piece of wood with a cheap stain. A top quality wood stain should not glaze the wood, it should not cover up the fibre of the wood and it should not look artificial. This is why you should try Tover Wood Stains. A new range of oil based wood stains compatible with all types of wood floors, wood furniture, wood frames & doors, etc. Enhance your wooden floors with the new Tover Wood Stains. Transform cheap wooden floors into beautiful rich finishes.


Tover Wood Stains – Where to use


The point of a wood stain is to cover imperfections in wood, to enhance wooden surfaces and to transform cheap wooden surfaces into rich and unique finishes. So the new range of Tover Wood Stains can be used on most types of unsealed wooden floors, wooden furniture, wooden frames & doors, etc. Transform your old and boring pine floors into an oak like finish without spending a fortune, create white wash finishes or scandinavian finishes on all types of wooden surfaces. All Tover Wood Stain are oil based wood stains and require overcoating with a solvent based lacquer or a two pack water based floor lacquer. Suitable for indoor use only. Premium coverage area. Easy application. Unique colours.


Tover Wood Stains – How to use


If you are planning to stain old furniture or old floors, you will have to remove all pre-existing finishes. Use rough to fine grit sandpaper to prevent deep scratches on wood. Vacuum the surface well and make sure that the wood surface is fully dry and residue free. Using a towel cloth, if you are staining furniture or small wood floors, place the cloth into the stain tin, let it soak into the cloth and start applying the wood stain to the wood going along the fibre of the wood. The wood surface will absorb whatever it needs and the excess has to be removed. Darker areas or patchy areas can be sorted out by rubbing off or rubbing in some wood stain. 2-3 hours later you should be able to apply the first coat of sealer.


Not all wood stains look well on all types of wood surfaces. If you are using a light Walnut wood stain on an oak floor, the stain will get lost in the fibre of the wood. You are staining a brown wood fibre with a brown wood stain. Brighter types of wood will look better with darker wood stains. A white wood stain will look bad on a walnut wood fibre. Do your homework before ordering wood stains to make sure that you are not wasting your time.


Colours Available:


Cherry, Teak, Mahogany, Antique Walnut, Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Wenge, Black Ebony, Neutral, White, Artic, Smoke, Whiskey, Pearl, Grey, Stone, Fume, Tobacco, Cappuccino, Lilla, Green, Moss, Blue Capri, Night Blue


***Essential Information : Any cloth or floor pad used to stain the wood has to be immersed in cold water before being disposed of. The friction used to apply the wood stain can create static electricity that can ignite the cloth.***


Tover Wood Stains



Weight 1 kg
Wood Stain Colours

Antique Walnut, Artic, Black Ebony, Cappucino, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Fume, Grey, Light Grey, Light Walnut, Mahogany, Smoke, Stone, Teak, Tobacco, Wenge, Whisky, White


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