Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil


Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil | Professional Oiled Floor Refresher And Oiled Floor Restorer. Compatible With All Oiled/Waxed Wood Floors

Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil


  • Deep penetrating maintenance oil and oiled floor restorer from Tover

  • Suitable for refreshing, restoring and repairing patches on oiled floors

  • Compatible with all oiled or waxed wooden floors/surfaces

  • Easy to apply, premium coverage area, fume free, very fast drying

  • Highly recommended for regular maintenance of all oiled floors/wood

  • No training required to use this quality product, regenerates and renews

  • It can be used on high traffic commercial floors and also domestic floors

  • Affordable, cost effective, a non yellowing formula, for indoor use only

  • Available in white & clear finish, compatible with all types/colours of oils


Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil – Why Rinovoil


Refreshing or recoating an oiled floor is not a hard job but it is likely to be disruptive and a bit of effort is required. So you need to make sure that it is done right and done with proper products that will maintain your oiled floors in top notch condition. The new Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil is reasonably priced, very easy to use and it looks amazing when dry. No need to use expensive machinery or equipment. Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil is 100% matt, it dries amazingly fast and it provides up to 12 months of protection. This product is highly popular with the domestic market because of its superior coverage area, its matt finish and fast drying qualities.


Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil – Where to use


The perfect solution for your domestic oiled floor. This product will rejuvenate your floors to a like new condition and will repair dull patches and discolorations. It can be applied over all clean & dry oiled/waxed floors and wood surfaces. Suitable for indoor use only. You can use the Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil on floors, wood panels, wood profiles, furniture, frames, doors, handles, etc. If you own white or bright oiled floors, you can use Rinovoil White or if you own clear or any other colour oiled floors, you can use the classic clear Rinovoil. One coat should be more than enough but more coats can be applied if required. Do not wait until the floor is too damaged to refresh it. Deep scratches and water damage on wood cannot be repaired with a refresher. Use a maintenance oil at least once per year.


Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil – How to use


Deep clean the floor with a heavy duty oiled floor cleaner to remove all types of impregnated dirt, grease, food residue, stains, etc. After the floor is fully dry, prepare 1L of Tover Rinovoil, 1 flat mopping system with a short hair microfiber head and a cloth. Bear in mind, you need to make sure that you have enough product to complete the whole job. 1L of Rinvoil will cover around 30 sq meters in 1 coat. So if you have 40 sq meters, you will need to buy 2 bottles of 1L. Pour some maintenance oil on the floor, put the microfiber flat mop on it until it has absorbed the oil and start refreshing the floor. Going along the fibre of the wood apply some pressure on the flat mop until you notice that the flat mop is dry. Pour more maintenance oil and refresh the whole area. The surface has to look semi wet without puddles of oil on it. The wood surface will absorb whatever it needs and the excess has ro be removed with a dry microfiber mop head or a cloth. Missed patches can be touched up without the risk of overlapping. Allow 3-12 hours to dry and your floor is refreshed.


***do not wet wash your floors for 48 hours after it was refreshed***

***all oiled floors, regardless of brand & type have to be refreshed every year***


Tover Rinvoil Maintenance Oil



Weight 1 kg

Clear, White


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