Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil

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Seal All Your Wooden Garden Furniture And All Your Woode Decking With The New Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil. 100% Natural Outdoor Wood Sealer

Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil


  • 100% natural decking and outdoor furniture protective oil

  • A deep penetrating formula that will seal without glazing

  • Super water proofing qualities, unaffected by UV light

  • It will cover around 10 to 25 sq meters of surface per 1L

  • To be applied over new or unsealed decking and furniture

  • It will take 12 to 24 hours to fully dry, apply 2 coats of oil

  • It can be used as a recoat for previously sealed surfaces

  • Non yellowing, very easy to apply, outstanding durability

  • It can be applied with a brush, a roller or an oil applicator

  • To be applied over dry, clean and sealant free surfaces


Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil – Why use


The trend within the industry is to create more natural products that protect the wood better, enhance the look of the wood and do not affect the environment. This is the main reason so many private people and commercial businesses are buying the new Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil. This product penetrates the wood fully and provides years of protection even on surfaces exposed to high humidity on a daily basis. The new Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil is a non glazing, UV safe, non yellowing & fume free protector for all kinds of unsealed outdoor wood surfaces. It can be successfully used to seal decking, frames, swimming pool borders, wood frames, sheds, wood statues, etc. A proper universal floor oil from Tover.


Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil – Where to use


This superior decking oil was designed for outdoor use only. Within the blend of organic oil, it contains a number of enhancers that will protect the wood against humidity, sun rays, snow, cold & heat. The product is available in a number of colors and it can be applied over pretty much any type of unsealed wooden surfaces. Because the product penetrates the wood in full and it does not alter the original look of the wood, the new Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil can be used to seal and protect “fancy” exterior wood structures. It can be used as the main oil or it can be used to refresh pre-existing oil. The new Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil cannot be used to refresh deckings and garden furniture that were sealed and protected with a glazing product. It can only be used on raw wood surfaces. You should expect to cover around 10-25 sq meters of surface per 1 L of Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil. To be applied in a two coats system with at least 12-24 hours break between the coats. The product has to be applied over a dry, clean & raw wood surface.


Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil – How to apply


Start by making sure that whatever outdoor wood surface you plan to seal or recoat, is sealant free and dry. You can use a cloth, you can use a brush, you can use a roller or whatever type of applicator you prefer. It is essential to apply two thin coats of Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil. Always check the weather forecast before starting an oiling project. You will need at least 12 hours without rain to be guaranteed full protection. A surface that was treated with the amazing Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil should not need refreshing for at least 12-24 months assuming that the weather stays average without unusually high amounts of rain. You do not need to remove the old coat of Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil before refreshing it with a new coat. Just make sure that the surface is clean and dry and apply another thin coat over it. Job completed.


Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil




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