Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors


Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors. Water Based Clear And White Wood Floor Refresher Compatible With Oiled & Varnished Wood Floors


Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors


  • Reviving liquid wax for parquet floors and all types of wooden floors

  • Compatible with water based lacquers, solvent lacquers & floor oils

  • Can be applied over pre-existing finishes to restore & repair patches

  • Highly recommended for sealing & refreshing high traffic wood floors

  • Beautiful natural finish, available in clear and white, 100% fume free

  • It will cover around 30-40 squares per 1L, very easy to apply and use

  • It will fully dry in about 1 hour, to be applied with a flat mopping system

  • One solution for all your wooden floors, it can be diluted as required


Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors – Why Lux


There are many types of water based floor sealers and wood floor refreshers out there but very few of them can be used on both lacquered and oiled floors. Even less of them are available in white and clear finishes. The new formula Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors is an easy to use and easy to apply water based floor refresher. It can be applied over clean and dry wood surfaces. Compatible with all hardwax oils, floor oils, floor lacquers, floor sealers, etc. One product for all your floors. Superior coverage area, premium glazing qualities and low cost guaranteed. Many domestic and commercial wood floor owners use the amazing Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors for their regular wood floor maintenance and refreshing.


Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors – Where to use


Very few water based floor polishes and sealers can be used on “all” wood floors. This product will provide spectacular resistance and unequalled natural finish on any surface where it is applied. Compatible with wooden floors, wooden furniture, wooden doors, wooden frames, wooden handles, etc. Suitable for indoor use only. It dries in a matter of minutes and it does not alter the original look of the floor. One coat is usually more than enough but more coats are possible until the desired look is achieved.


Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors – How to use


Using a semi wet flat mop or a normal mop head, wash your wooden floor well. You will need to use a proper wood floor cleaner to get rid of all types of impregnated dirt, grease & food residue. Allow about 1 hour to fully dry and then prepare for sealing. Using a flat mopping system and a flat microfiber head is the best way to apply the sealer. Pour some of the floor polish onto the floor, soak the flat mop head in it and start applying the sealer to the wood. Apply one thin coat of floor polish all over the surface. The wood has to look wet but not over soaked. Do one coat first and if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, do one more coat. The sealer will fully dry in a matter of hours.


For white or bright wood floors use Lux White (Bianco). For all other colours use Lux Clear.


Regular refreshing and maintenance reduces the direct traffic on the floor itself, it preserves the sealer and it enhances the look of the floor. High traffic floors should be refreshed a number of times per year while low traffic wooden floors can be refreshed once only.


Tover Lux / Reviving Wax For Wooden Floors



Weight 1 kg

Clear, White


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