Screening Discs 17”


  • Use the most popular and the most cost effective sanding screens in Ireland

  • Suitable for levelling imperfections on wood, stone adhesive removal & others

  • Dual sided, available in 80 grit, 100 grit, 120 grit, 180 grit and the finest 240 grit

  • Compatible with a low speed 17” floor buffing machine fitted with a white pad

  • Sold individually or in packs of 10, very long lasting and very reasonable priced

  • Our screening discs are popular with wood & marble refinishing contractors

  • Suitable for domestic or commercial floor sanding and refinishing projects/jobs


Screening Discs 17” – Why use Screening Discs 17”


After sanding a wooden floor with any type of belt or drum floor sander, you are likely to leave markings and imperfections on the wood. You can use a small sander to go all over the floor and try to remove those imperfections or you can screen the floor easily with one of our amazing sanding screens. The new Screening Discs 17” will cover a large floor area in a matter of minutes and will leave the surface streak & mark free. Also, the sanding screen is the perfect tool for sanding between the coats of lacquer. Durable, affordable and very easy to use.


Screening Discs 17” – Where to use


The professional Screening Discs 17” can be used on most types of wooden floors, most natural stone floors & sometimes on aluminium coated floors. It can be used for wet sanding or on dry sanding. Use the 80 grit screening disc to do a final sanding after you are finished with the larger sander and then use the 180 grit sanding disc to sand between coats. After the first coat is applied, it is likely that some dust and some imperfection will dry up with a rough feeling. A quick sanding with 120 or 180 sanding discs will create a perfect smooth surface. Many natural stone refinishing companies use our premium quality sanding screens to either level up imperfections or to remove old and tough sealers that do not respond to standard stripping operations.


Screening Discs 17” – How to use


To be able to use a 17” screening pad you will need a low speed 17” floor scrubbing buffer, 1 17” white floor pad and a fine vacuum. Put the screening disc flat on the floor, put the 17” white floor pad on top of it and then the floor buffer over the white pad. Now, moving from one side of the room to the other one, start sanding the wood surface lightly. Try to spend the same amount of time on all areas. Go along the fibre of the wood to avoid causing scratches. Vacuum the floor and prepare for sealing the wood. Remember, our sanding screens are dual sided. So if you notice that the sanding disc has lost its abrasion, flip it over and you have a new fresh side. While sanding natural stone floors you might have to use a number of sanding discs to achieve decent results. Most natural stone floors are very compact and hard to sand.


This is a top of the range screening disc from Karbosan. Used right, it will reduce your workload and it will help you achieve amazingly smooth surfaces. Top of the range sanding discs & belts from Karbosan


Screening Discs 17”

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100, 120, 180, 80


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