Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML

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Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Oiled Surface Cleaner & Maintainer | A Low PH Wood Surface Cleaner And Daily Maintainer. Compatible With Oiled And Varnished Surfaces

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML


  • A ready to use PH neutral oiled and varnished wood surface cleaner and maintainer

  • Safe to use on all sensitive and very sensitive wooden floors, furniture, worktops, etc

  • It will clean fast and leave no streaks, no residue or any kind of harsh chemicals

  • It can be used for removing all kind of spills from oiled and varnished floors & furniture

  • Low VOC, it protects and nourishes the wood surfaces, suitable for commercial & domestic use

  • It can be used on all polished surfaces including wood, plastic, natural stones, laminate

  • Just spray and wipe with a soft microfiber cloth or a flat mop head when cleaning floors

  • Certified food safe so it is suitable for cleaning worktops, kids toys, kitchen tables and chairs

  • Professional quality trigger spray head that will transform the product into a fine mist

  • Very tough on all kinds of dirt residue but very gentle on the pre-existing finish | sealer


Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Why Osmo


Wooden surfaces and generally all sensitive surfaces will greatly benefit from daily cleaning and maintenance with safe and effective products. Of course, there are many other products that can do pretty much the same thing as the new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML, but this has a small twist. The outstanding Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML cleans the surface, removes the stain and does not affect the sealer. It also nourishes and protects all pre-existing finishes. Oiled surfaces cannot be cleaned with high PH, alkaline, bleach based or acidic cleaning products. The outstanding Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML is the best product for cleaning and maintaining oiled worktops, oiled furniture, oiled floors, oiled doors and other types of oiled surfaces.


Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Where To Use It


If you have wooden surfaces that were oiled or waxed with an Osmo hardwax oil or even oils from other brands, then this is the best cleaner and maintainer for you. This product is sold in a small 500 ML bottle so it can mainly be used for cleaning furniture, doors & frames, toys or spills on oiled floors. It was designed for indoor use only. It can be used to clean wooden surfaces that are sealed with all types of sealants, it can also be used on tiles, plastic floors and surfaces, etc. A great universal cleaner and maintainer from Osmo. Its main job is to clean and protect oiled surfaces safely.


Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | How To Use It


Remember, the new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML is ready to use and does not require any dilution. Just make sure that the surface is dry and residue free. Pre-spray the whole area, allow direct contact for about 20-30 seconds and then proceed to lightly scrub the surface with a soft microfibre cloth. Always move along with the fiber of the wood, not against it. The product will remove all kinds of superficial daily dirt. Not suitable for heavy duty floor cleaning projects. The product will dry residue free, streak free and the surface will be spotless. Regular cleaning with the new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML will reduce the periods between refreshing and will prevent stains & dirt from penetrating the surface. This product is safe, efficient and highly cost effective. Tiny amounts will cover a large surface area.


Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Recommendations


Do not mix the product with other similar products. Do not spray the product on hot surfaces. Even if the product is food certified, you should not spray it directly onto food. It only means that the product can be used on surfaces where food is being prepared or produced. Keep the product away from direct sunlight.


Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML




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