Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw


Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | High Quality Professional Hardwax Oil Compatible With All Unsealed Wood Surfaces. Unique Natural Finish And Outstanding Durability

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw


  • A deep penetrating hardwax oil with a slight tint of whitish colour

  • It maintains the natural look of the wood without a wet look finish

  • Non peeling, non flaking, very hard wearing & very easy to apply

  • Compatible with all unsealed wood floors, wood furniture, worktops

  • To be applied in a two coats system over a dry and clean surface

  • It will cover around 25-30 sq meters of surface per 1L (it can vary)

  • Manufactured from a blend of organic oils and a strong enhancer

  • It can be used for oiling new surfaces or recoating the same finish

  • Food certified | Compatible with food preparation & production areas

  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor wood waterproofing and stain proofing

  • It maintains the natural look of the wood & it allows natural ventilation

  • All surfaces oiled with a hardwax oil require regular refreshing


Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | Why Osmo


If you are after a natural looking finish to allow your wooden surfaces to breathe naturally and to keep it as natural looking as possible, then we can highly recommend the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw. This product is as natural as it can be, it does not glaze, it does not flake, it does not peel and is well known for its incredible resistance to day to day traffic, water and oil stains. It can be successfully used to seal and waterproof wood floors, stairs & and all kinds of unsealed wooden surfaces.


Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | Where To Use Itoil for furniture, deep penetrating floor oil, how to seal floor oil,


A very fancy looking hardwax oil that can be used on all clean, unsealed & dry wood surfaces. The product penetrates deep inside the wood fiber and it provides unequalled protection. It can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces including wood floors, wood stairs, wood furniture, wood doors & frames, wood toys, wood statues, etc. It is recommended to apply the product in a two coats system with around 12 hours drying times between the coats.


Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | How To Use It


Surface preparation is essential when dealing with hardwax oils. Unlike lacquers, the hardwax oil does not glaze the floor so any pre-existing imperfection is likely to be even more visible after the sealing. When sanding the surface, make sure to go through all the grits starting from 40 grit all the way to 100 grit. Anything over 100 grit can make the surface less absorbent so the oil might not penetrate evenly. So assuming that the surface is new or newly sanded, you can proceed with the oiling.


  1. Shake the hardwax oil tin for about 30 seconds to mix up the colours well

  2. Place a towel cloth in and start oiling the surface starting from all narrow areas

  3. Apply enough oil to create a wet look finish (it will dry matt) without over soaking

  4. Use a flat mop, an applicator or a floor buffer for the larger areas

  5. Remember, any excess oil that cannot penetrate the wood has to be removed

  6. Allow 12 hours of drying time and proceed with the second coat

  7. Make sure that the area is well ventilated


Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | Recommendations


Two coats of the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw is more than enough. You are looking for that natural look that is achievable after 2 coats. Do not walk on the surface while drying. Do not overuse the oil. Remember do not wash the floor for at least 48 hours after the oiling. Use only Osmo oiled floor cleaners & maintainers. Refresh the oiled floors once every 6 months. Keep the product in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw



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2.5L, 750 ML


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