Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad

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Maintain Your Oiled Or Your Lacquered Wooden Floors With The New Velcro Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad. Fine Quality Pad From Concept Microfiber

Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad


  • The ideal floor pad for dusting and maintaining glossy floor surfaces

  • Also suitable for polishing and sealing plastic, wood, laminate floors

  • It absorbs about 2-3 L of water in one go, it leaves the floor spotless

  • Suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial floor cleaning jobs

  • Compatible with Concept Microfiber 40 CM velcro frame and handle

  • Machine washable, superb harsh chemical resistance, cost effective

  • It can be used in conjunction with water based floor refreshers as well

  • The back of the pad is fitted with colour labels to avoid contaminations

  • One of the most efficient and fine quality microfiber cleaning pads


Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad – Where to use


A fine quality soft fibre velcro back microfiber floor pad suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of highly polished floors like glossy wood, laminates, porcelain, ceramic, marble, travertine, tiles, amtico, lino, vinyl, etc. It can be used for daily floor dusting or general floor maintenance. The new Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad is highly recommended for applying sealers, refreshers and all types of water based floor polishes on all types of floors. The pad will absorb 2-3 litres of sealer at once and will cover up to 50 sq meters of floor without needing a refill. The streak free finish achieved by this pad is unequalled by any other polishing pad in the EU. Its plastic velcro back will ensure amazing durability and easy attachment to the frame even after years of use.


Use the new Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad on large school corridors, school halls, art galleries, shop floors, child minding businesses, offices, domestic floors, commercial floors, etc. The results will impress even the most demanding user.


Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad – How to use


For best results please order our Professional Floor Cleaning Kit that contains the new Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad, velcro frame and the telescopic handle. For dry dusting and dry floor cleaning you just need to join the frame with the pad and start scrubbing the floor. You will notice that all the dust particles will attach to the pad. For wet cleaning, pre-spray the floor with the most appropriate cleaning solution and use the new Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad to dry the surface and to extract the dust. You can also use this amazing floor pad to polish all types of floor surfaces. Due to its very thick design and fluffy soft fibre, the pad will absorb a lot of polish and it will not need refilling for long periods of time. Streak free finish 100% guaranteed if the product is used right.


Another top quality microfiber pad from Concept Microfiber. Clean your wooden floors with this professional microfiber cleaning pad. Leave streak free finishes on glossy and semi glossy wood floors.


Micro Speed Plus Evolution Microfiber Pad


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