Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back


Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back. Some Of THe Most Durable Sanding Discs Available In Ireland. Suitable For Professional Use

Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back


  • Top quality professional sanding discs compatible with all velcro sanding machines

  • Suitable for domestic and commercial floor sanding and all types of surface sanding

  • It will remove old sealers, varnishes, oils, rust, oil based & emulsion paint with ease

  • Its velcro back attaches easily to all 180 mm sanding machines and equipment

  • Much more durable than other sanding discs from other brands & also much cheaper

  • Available in : 24, 40, 60, 80, 100 & 120 grit | designed for heavy duty industrial use

  • One of the most recommended & widely used sanding discs within the flooring industry

  • Sold individually or in packs of 50, highly cost effective, unbreakable velcro back


Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back – Why Karbosan


If you are attempting to sand a wooden floor or any type of surface with a cheap sanding disc, you will notice pretty fast that the disc loses its abrasion within a couple of minutes and it just does not sand any longer. You will need many discs to achieve decent results. Well, if you are sanding the same area with Karbosan sanding discs, you will finish the job faster, you will work less and you will only use a few sanding discs. Karbosan sanding discs are manufactured from the finest materials to provide unequalled durability and fine sanding results. Even better, Karbosan sanding discs can be used for wet or dry sanding projects. Of course, there are even better sanding discs available but they cost alot more than Karbosan and are not that much better. Karbosan sanding discs provide a great balance between top of the range results and fair prices.


Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back – Where to use


The amazing Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back can be used for all types of floor sanding services, concrete sanding, iron & steel sanding, all types of rust and paint removal jobs, furniture sanding, etc. You can use it for pretty much all types of sanding. Because the Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back can be used on wet as well, many floor refinishing companies use these very durable floor sanding discs to level up concrete, remove glues and adhesives from all types of surfaces, marble & terrazzo restoration projects and others. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back – How to use


To maximise its potential you will need a sanding system fitted with a velcro attachment. The sanding discs will attach to the sanding pad and you are ready to go. If you are sanding a wooden floor or wooden furniture, you should start with 40 grit sandpaper to remove all types of pre-existing sealers and finishes. Move up the grit, sand again with 60 grit, then 80 grit & finish the surface with 100 grit. Now you are ready to seal it. Other surfaces might require different levels of abrasion but it is essential to go through grits. If you are removing a finish with 40 and then you move to 100 grit, the scratches done by the 40 grit sandpaper will not be smoothed out completely by 100 grit sandpaper. So, start with 40, one more light sanding with 60, one more with 80 & then 100.


With Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back you are in good hands. This amazing sanding disc will help you work faster, better and cheaper.


Karbosan 180 mm Sanding Discs / Velcro Back

Weight N/A

100, 120, 180, 24, 40, 60, 80


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