EMR 80 Velcro Flat Mop Head 

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EMR 80 Velcro Flat Mop Head  | Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pad Compatible With Oiled Floors, Lacquered Floors & Laminate Floors. Velcro Back

EMR 80 Velcro Flat Mop Head


  • Velcro back heavy duty floor scrubbing and general floor cleaning pad

  • Especially suitable for uneven floor surfaces like oiled floor and tiles

  • It will agitate dirt without scratching the floor finish while absorbing dirt

  • Machine washable, plastic velcro, blue with red stripes

  • Fitted with a zig zag scourer to give it more aggressivity and roughness

  • Highly recommended for the professional floor cleaning industry/trade

  • Compatible with Concept Microfiber 40 cm frame & all 40 cm frames

  • Unaffected by harsh chemicals, extreme hot water or intense usage

  • It can absorb about 2L of liquid in one fill, highly cost effective,cheap


EMR 80 Velcro Flat Mop Head – Where to use


One of the most highly appreciated and highly recommended velcro cleaning pads from the Concept Microfiber range. This professional quality pad will provide outstanding results on any type of floor surface. It can be used on wet or semi wet surfaces. It can be used on dry surfaces. It can be used on all vertical surfaces as well. Indoor and outdoor. Due to its thickness and its zig-zag scourer coat, the new EMR 80 pad is usually used to clean uneven floors like wood floors, altro floors, marble floors, lino & vinyl floors, dirty windows and wall panels. The heavy duty scourer is manufactured from tough plastic so there is no risk of scratches. The new EMR 80 Floor Pad is designed to increase productivity, reduce workload and save money. Unlike other types of microfiber floor pads, the new EMR 80 Floor Pad velcro back is manufactured from plastic components instead of fabric. For better results use the new EMR 80 Microfiber Floor Pad in conjunction with Concept Microfiber 40 CM velcro frame & Telescopic Handle.


EMR 80 Velcro Flat Mop Head  – How to use 


Flat mopping systems are much better than standard cotton or microfiber mops. A quality microfiber floor pad like EMR 80 will not leak water between the joints of the wood and it will reduce the risk of water damage dramatically. If you are cleaning wooden floors it is recommended that you spray the whole floor with a proper wood floor cleaner and then use the EMR 80 pad to scrub the dirt and extract the waste. For all other floors (except laminate flooring) you can stick the pad in a cleaning solution and then drop the pad on the floor, attach the 40 cm velcro frame to it and start scrubbing the hole area. The zig-zag scourer that is fitted inside the pad will agitate dirt deposits while the blue microfiber pad will absorb the dirt. From time to time rinse the pad and repeat the operation. The EMR 80 pad is not suitable to use on very glossy surfaces because of its roughness. It will not scratch the surface but the scourer can leave streaks.


This is a proper quality professional cleaning pad that will provide unequalled results hassle free. You will work faster, you will cover more and you will not need floor buffers or wet vacs to clean floors. Join the Concept Microfiber revolution and achieve more with less effort!


EMR 80 Velcro Flat Mop Head 


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