Chimiver Wax Care Spray

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Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Water Repellent For Wooden Surfaces. Top Of The Range Oiled, Varnished & Waxed Wood Floor Cleaner From Chimiver

Chimiver Wax Care Spray


  • Outstanding hydro repellent sealer compatible with all washable surfaces

  • It repairs dull patches, small scratches and it waterproofs sealed surfaces

  • Compatible with all oiled wood surfaces and all varnished wood surfaces

  • It creates a natural looking finish that provides premium water repellency

  • It can also be used on sealed terracotta tiles and all sealed stone surfaces

  • 1L of the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray will cover around 50-80 square m

  • Estimated drying time is anywhere between 30 min to 1 hour (can vary)

  • The new Chimiver Wax Care Spray is food safe so safe to use on worktops

  • A unique product in its own class | Affordable and highly cost effective

  • To be applied with a microfiber cloth on small surfaces or flat mops on floors

  • Suitable for regular maintenance of residential and commercial surfaces

  • It contains 0 harsh chemicals, 100% fume free and safe for all allergies


Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Why Use It


Have you noticed how your wooden worktop or your wooden floors are getting water damaged after only a short period of use? Well, that only happens because the sealer that was used to seal it originally has cracked and has allowed the water to reach the bare wood. You could have prevented this by using the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray once in a while. The point of this product is to slightly overcoat the pre-existing sealer and fill up all tiny cracks that appear on the sealer. It can be used on most surfaces that were sealed with a water based or an oiled based lacquer, all types of floor oils or hardwax oils. A quick treatment with this product and the surface protection is fully restored.


Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Where To Use It


Many people are ignoring the regular maintenance on oiled wooden floors only to end up with patchy finishes, water damage and imperfections. This product was designed to sort out such issues. It can be used on all wooden floors that were sealed with any type of floor lacquer or floor oil. It will easily bond with all pre-existing sealers and it will increase or enhance its water and dirt repellent qualities. It can also be used to waterproof and dirt proof terracotta tiles and most types of stone floors. Outstanding results on all wooden worktops that were damaged by high levels of humidity. The product will restore worn finishes, patchy finishes and all kinds of imperfections. Safe to use on furniture and all kinds of indoor surfaces. Manufactured 100% from eco friendly materials. It contains 0 harsh chemicals.


Chimiver Wax Care Spray | How To Use It


Deep cleaning the surface before applying the water repellent is essential. Any dirt that is clearly visible will get trapped under the protector. Spray the whole surface with the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray, allow a few seconds of direct contact and then use a microfiber cloth when dealing with small surfaces or a flat mop when dealing with large floor areas. The product will create a natural looking protective coat over the pre-existing finish and it will fill up all imperfections and cracks that are not really visible to the naked eye.


Within a few hours after the surface was sealed with the water repellent sealer you will notice that the surface does not get wet anymore when washed and the dirt fails to penetrate deep. Cleaning a surface sealed with the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray is much easier and alot less hassle.


Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Recommendations


It is always easier to prevent than treat. Start sealing your floors and all washable surfaces before the damage is clearly visible. Especially on oiled wooden floors, a regular maintenance routine will extend the life expectancy of the floor dramatically. Do not wash the treated surface for a few hours after it was treated. Do not mix the product with any other products. Only use indoors. The estimated coverage area for the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray is up to 70 sq meters per 1L but that can depend on the condition of the surface, absorbency and the type of surface treated. Keep the product away from children. Do not spray the product on any surface that does not require a treatment.


Chimiver Wax Care Spray




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