Chimiver Varnishing Brush


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Carver Brush For Edges 3 cm x 7 cm | Professional Varnishing Brush Suitable For Sealing & Varnishing Fine Quality Water Based Sealers

Chimiver Varnishing Brush


  • Professional varnishing brush suitable for applying sealers around the edges

  • Manufactured from ultra fine bristles that will leave a 100% streak free finish

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial and residential floor refinishing projects

  • Highly absorbent, very well manufactured, light & its wooden handle is sealed

  • Can be used for applying water based, oil based and solvent based sealers

  • 3 cm x 7 cm, thick hair, soft bristle and fitted with a special bucket adapter

  • The ideal varnishing brush for a professional floor refurbishment company

  • The brush will require less refilling because of its premium absorption qualities

  • This amazing brush can also be used by painters & furniture restorers


Chimiver Varnishing Brush  | Why use


While a good quality varnishing roller can guarantee you streak free results on all the open plan areas, a cheap and inefficient varnishing brush can easily create an untidy and streaky finish. Do not take a chance. Buy the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush and work like the pros. The fine quality finish achieved by professionals is not accidental. It happens because they only use premium quality varnishing brushes and rollers.


Chimiver Varnishing Brush | Where to use


A top quality varnishing brush like the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush is suitable for applying all types of water based floor lacquers, solvent based floor finishes, floor oil, floor sealers, emulsion and oil based paints, wood stains, etc. The brush is usually used for “fine” quality finishing. Highly popular with the floor sanding and the floor refinishing industry. The brush is used for applying sealers around the narrow edges and all areas where a varnishing roller cannot fit easily. The new Chimiver Varnishing Brush is not cheap but the results achieved while using this brush are unequalled.


Chimiver Varnishing Brush |  How to use


Place the brush into the varnish tray and apply the product around all the narrow edges and all corners. Same process applies if you are varnishing or painting walls, furniture, wood panels, fences, etc. From time to time refill the brush with whatever product you are using. When done, clean the brush nicely with warm water to get rid of the sealer from the bristle. If you are using solvent based finishes use white spirits to clean it. If you are using the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush with a large bucket, you can use the special adapter that will enable you to safely attach the brush to the bucket.


Wood floor finishes are not cheap. But professional quality wood floor finishes applied with top quality varnishing brushes and rollers can look special and elegant. If you are refinishing fine quality wood floors with fine quality water based floor lacquers, make sure to invest in a fine quality varnishing brush like the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush.


Chimiver Varnishing Brush



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5 CM, 7 CM

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