Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner

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himiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner 1L | Heavy Duty Cleaner. Professional Eco Vegerable Based Oiled Floor Cleaner & Maintainer. Highly Concentrated, 100% Eco-friendly And Compatible With All Oiled Surfaces

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner


  • Heavy duty oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer from Chimiver

  • A professional quality oiled floor cleaner compatible with all types of oils

  • It will leave the surface spotless, streak free, degreased & ready for use

  • The product has to be diluted 1 to 10 in warm water | highly concentrated

  • It can be used for deep cleaning and maintaining oiled floors & surfaces

  • Effective against food residue, drink stains, body fats, impregnated dirt

  • It can be used in conjunction with a flat mopping system or a normal mop

  • It is also compatible with a professional scrubber drier for very large areas

  • While the product is very tough on dirt, it is very gentle on the floor sealer

  • Manufactured from a blend of vegetable extracts & specially formulated oils

  • PH neutral, perfume free, highly cost effective, very reasonably priced


Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | Why Use It


An oiled floor is sealed with some kind of floor oil or some kind of hardwax oil. The oil is usually fully absorbed by the wood and it dries up to create a waterproofed coat over the wood top. While the oil provides great protection against traffic and general spills, special care and maintenance is required to maintain that protection intact. Using an acidic floor cleaner or a high PH floor cleaner can be very bad for your floors. The oil coat can be dissolved and the wood water damaged. But the new Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner is the totally opposite to acidic or high PH floor cleaners. This product is 100% safe, non perfumed, PH neutral and compatible with all oiled & hardwax finishes. The product will safely remove all kinds of dirt from deep inside the wood fiber and it will nourish the sealer.


Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | Where To Use It


Compatible with all indoor oiled and waxed wooden surfaces. This will include all oiled and waxed wooden floors, all oiled wooden worktops, all oiled kids toys & generally all oiled wooden furniture. The product can restore badly damaged wooden surfaces and it can also keep floors in great condition. Used regularly on any kind of oiled surface, it prevents dirt from building up and creating patches on the surface. The new Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner is the ideal heavy duty oiled floor cleaner for surfaces that have to get refreshed or re-oiled. The product breaks apart all types of residue to leave the base surface spotless. No other vegetable based oiled floor cleaner can provide these kind of results.


Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | How To Use It


If you are planning to clean oiled furniture or oiled worktops, you can dilute the product in a spray bottle. For large or medium sized oiled floors we recommend the use of a spray mop like the new Alfred Spray Mop. Dilute the product 1 part product and 10 parts water before use. Remember to use as little water as possible while washing wooden floors.


The product is also compatible with a scrubber drier. While washing large floor areas on a regular basis, a higher dilution rate is recommended. While the product is known to react with dirt nearly instantly, in some cases a few washes might be needed before noticeable results are achieved.


While using the spray mop, spray a fine spray mist of the product directly onto the wood surface and scrub it a number of times moving along the fiber of the wood. When done, the surface has to look wet but not soaked. Allow a few minutes to dry before walking on the floor.


Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | Recommendations


This is one of the most natural and the most effective oiled floor cleaners and oiled floor maintainers. This highly effective oiled floor cleaner has to be diluted before use. Do not mix up the product with any other oiled floor cleaners and do not over soak the wood. Store the product in a dark place away from direct sunlight.


Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner




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