Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L

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Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L | Seal Your Hardwood Floors With The New Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L. a Natural Looking, Fumes Free And Quick Drying Floor Oil.

Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L


  • High traffic natural floor oil compatible with all types of wood surfaces

  • To be applied with an applicator pad, a cloth, low speed buffer or brush

  • It will not alter the original look of the wood & it will not yellow over time

  • The estimated coverage area is around 30- 50 square meters per liter

  • The estimated drying time between coats is around 12 hours (can vary)

  • It contains 0 harsh chemicals, it is food safe and compatible with worktops

  • To be applied to wood | floor surfaces that are sealant free, clean and dry

  • Recommended to use on wood floors, furniture, frames, worktops, toys

  • It will enhance the look of the wood while waterproofing & stain proofing

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial and residential wood floor sealing


Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L | Why Use It


Unlike the floor lacquers, a floor oil will maintain the natural aspect of the wood without over-glazing it and without creating artificial looking coatings. A professional quality floor oil like the new Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L will waterproof, stain proof and protect the wood. By using this top quality natural floor oil, you will end up with spectacular looking wood floors or wood furniture, you will allow the wood to ventilate naturally and you will be using a sealer that contains mostly a blend of organic oils. A floor that was sealed with the new Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L looks better, is softer to touch and the fiber of the wood is still clearly visible.


Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L | Where To Use It


You can use the amazing Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L to seal and protect all types of clean, dry and unsealed wooden surfaces. All sealed wood surfaces will require a full sanding job to fully remove all kinds of imperfections, old sealers and watermarks. Only then the surface is ready for a new coat of floor oil. Use the new Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L to seal and protect hardwood floors, semi solid floors, wood doors, wood frames, wood toys, wood worktops and wood handles. You do not need to be a highly skilled professional to oil or re-oil your floors.


Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L | How To Use It


If the wood surface is sealant free, dry and dirt free, then you are ready for oiling it. Make sure to have enough product to complete the whole project. While the estimated coverage area is around 30-50 sq meters per 1 L of the new Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L, the final coverage area will depend on the condition of the wood, the type of wood, the way the floor oil is applied and the skill of the user. Also, the below advice only applies to DIY users. A professional floor polishing company is likely to use a low speed floor buffer and special oiling pads that are not accessible to the DIY users.


  1. Shake the oil tin well for about 10 seconds to create a uniform mixture.

  2. Soak a microfiber cloth into the oil and start rub to it up and down the wood fiber.

  3. The wood will absorb whatever amount of floor oil it needs and the excess has to be removed. Then move along with other areas.

  4. When the whole floor looks evenly wet, without puddles or patches, you need to let it dry for about 30 minutes. After about 30 minutes, go over one more time with a clean and dry cloth attempting to remove any excess oil that was not absorbed. Then the floor will require 12 hours of drying time.

  5. 12 hours later apply one more coat of floor oil to fully seal the surface. After another 12 hours of drying, the floor is ready for use.


Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L | Recommendation


Do not apply the product to already sealed surfaces. Do not over soak the floor. Do not forget to remove excess oil. Do not walk on the surface for 12 hours (+-). Do not mix up a number of floor oils to avoid creating patches. Do not wash the floor for at least 36 hours after the initial application. Do not forget to refresh or recoat your floor oil once per year even if you do not use it that much. Store the product in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L