Chimiver Lacquered Floor Maintenance Kit

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Chimiver Lacquered Floor Maintenance Kit | Professional Quality Lacquered | Varnished Wood Floor Care Kit From Chimive. It Contains 1L Of Wood Floor Cleaner, 1L Of Wood Floor Refresher And 1 Microfiber Cloth.

Chimiver Maintenance Kit For Varnished Floors


  • Premium quality wood floor cleaning & wood floor maintenance kit

  • Compatible with all varnished and lacquered wood floors | surfaces

  • The kit contains 1L of wood floor cleaner & 1L of wood floor polish

  • Also included in the kit is a microfiber cloth and the user manual

  • It can be used to clean & refresh wood floors, furniture, doors, etc

  • The wood floor cleaner is highly concentrated and it requires dilution

  • The water based wood floor polish included is ready use (no dilution)

  • It can be used on all solvent based and water based floor lacquers

  • Use a flat mopping system to reduce the water absorption on wood

  • Apply the refresher over clean, dry & residue free wood surfaces

  • Estimated coverage area 20-50 sq m per 1L | 1-2 hours drying time

  • The floor polish has a silk matt finish that levels up imperfections


Chimiver Maintenance Kit For Varnished Floors  | Why Use It


You can easily damage a brand new wood floor by using the wrong cleaning products. In fact, this is a very serious problem. By buying this ready to use maintenance kit, you are guaranteed to use a professional quality safe wood floor cleaner and a fume free natural looking restorer | refresher. The premium quality wood floor cleaner will remove all kinds of residue from the wood surface while the refresher will restore the full protection. It makes financial sense and it is very easy to use.


Chimiver Maintenance Kit For Varnished Floors  | Where To Use It


This particular wood floor cleaning kit is compatible with all varnished, lacquered or polished wooden surfaces. That includes all “lacquered” wood floors, wood furniture, doors, skirting boards and generally all wood surfaces besides “oiled” wood surfaces. Both products are compatible with all indoor wood surfaces. Because both products are water based and labelled as “eco” it can be used to clean and refresh worktops as well and food preparation | serving areas. To be able to use the product sold with this particular kit you do not need special training or special equipment.


Chimiver Maintenance Kit For Varnished Floors | How To Use It


You need to make a clear difference between the wood floor cleaner and the wood floor polish that is sold with this maintenance kit. Both have similar names but one of them contains the word polish as well. First of all you should select the most suitable cleaning system. A flat mopping system like the new Alfred Spray Mop is the best way of cleaning and maintaining wood floors. But a classic mop & bucket system also works assuming that little water is used. The mop head has to be semi wet at all times.


Cleaning : Velurex Cleaner Start | 1 L of this professional wood floor cleaner should last for a very long period of time. In a bucket of 10  L of warm water add about 1-2 caps of the wood floor cleaner. Soak the mop head in it, dry the mop head and proceed to wash the floor. Move up and down along with the fiber of the wood. If you are using a spray mop, apply the same process but instead of mixing the product inside a bucket, mix it inside the cartridge. If you are cleaning your wooden floors on a daily basis, then spectacular results should be visible after one quick wash. For very dirty wood floors or floors that are exposed to more than usual traffic, a number of washes might be required before noticeable results are achieved. Wash your floors once or twice per day.


Protecting : Velurex Polish WT | 1 L of the water based wood floor polish should be enough to seal and protect 30 to 50 sq meters. The porosity of the surface can increase or decrease the coverage area. The wood floor has to be spotless, dry & residue free. Using a flat mopping system apply a thin coat of floor polish all over the floor. Pretty much the same way you wash the floor. Make sure that the whole surface looks wet but not soaked. Allow 1-2 hours to fully dry and the job is done. You can also refresh individual areas that are exposed to more than the usual traffic.


Chimiver Maintenance Kit For Varnished Floors | Recommendation


Regular cleaning with as little water as possible and occasional refreshing of damaged areas will reduce your floor exposure to water and prevent dirt from penetrating the surface. A well maintained wooden floor looks elegant and it is much easier to clean. Check out all our wood floor cleaners, wood floor maintainers & spray mops.


Chimiver Maintenance Kit For Varnished Floors 




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