Chimiver Antislip Professional

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Chimiver Antislip Professional | Universal Water Based Antislip | It Makes Very Slippery Floors Safe. Does Not Create An Artificial Coating And It Does Not Alter The Look Of THe Surface

Chimiver Antislip Professional


  • Easy to use anti slip solution for all kinds of highly polished surfaces

  • Compatible with all laminate, ceramic, marble, wood, porcelain, lino

  • To be diluted in clean water and applied to the affected area | surface

  • It does not alter the original look of the floor and it does not glaze

  • Sold in 1 L bottle | Covers up to 70 sq meters

  • It does not contain harsh chemicals or bleach based components

  • It can be used on all horizontal surfaces and vertical surfaces (baths)

  • The product fills up all types of micro erosions to create grip on floors

  • To be used on all indoor floors and some patio covered surfaces | areas

  • To be applied with a flat mopping system or a standard mopping head

  • 100% eco friendly | The bottle is recyclable | Pet safe | Low cost


Chimiver Antislip Professional  | Why Use It


Slippery floors are a hazard. Many people do not plan ahead and they purchase floors that look amazing but can become dangerous while wet. Replacing it is not an option so the only reasonable solution is to make it safer somehow. Up to now making a very slippery floor safe was a very expensive process. But the new Chimiver Antislip Professional is just about to change that. Chimiver has created a product that is as green as it can be, it does not cost a fortune and the application process does not require special training or special tools. It works within a matter of minutes and the transformation is just spectacular. Floors that used to be pretty much unusable while wet, become safe instantly. The product fills up all small erosions inside the floor with a special rubber based micro particle to create grip. No buffing required.


Chimiver Antislip Professional | Where To Use It


All floors can become very slippery when wet. The level of slippiness can vary from surface to surface but without an anti slip protector on it, super glossy floors can cause serious issues. While some floors are not really used wet, others are. Bathroom floors and kitchen floors are the ones with the higher risks of accidents. Accidental water spills on these particular floors are likely to happen. To sort out this problem you should check out the new Chimiver Antislip Professional. If you have glossy :


Marble Floors

Ceramic Floors

Porcelain Floors

Lino Floors

Amtico Floors

Laminate Floors

Terrazzo Floors

Vinyl Floors

Marmoleum Floors

Resin Based Floors

Concrete Floors


Then you can really benefit from using the new Chimiver Antislip Professional . Your floor will not look different and it will not end up with an artificial film on it. The anti-slip does not alter the original look of the floor. It can also be used on baths and shower trays.


Chimiver Antislip Professional  | How To Use It


This is where the beauty of this product starts. It has to be used like any other floor cleaner when applied. Basically the product has to be diluted in clean water. The estimated dilution rate is 2-3 caps per 1L of water. The floor has to be spotless and residue free. Now wash the floor as you usually wash it. Do not walk on the surface for about 1 hour. No rinsing and no buffing is required. As you wash the surface, the micro particles of anti slip will fill up all tiny pores on your floor to create grip while walking on it. A second operation can be done if necessary.


Chimiver Antislip Professional | Recommendation


Do not over-dilute the product and do not under dilute the product. Do not apply it over dirty floor surfaces. Do not use the product as a daily floor cleaner. Not compatible with industrial floors or floors that are used by heavy machinery. Keep it away from kids and store it in a cool and dark place.


Chimiver Antislip Professional




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