Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains


Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains. Premium Quality Beautiful Unique Coulour Wood Stains From Carver. Compatible With All Wood Flors And Wood Furniture. It Can Be Overcoated With A Two Pack Floor Lacquer Or A Hardwax Oil


Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains


  • Deep penetrating oil based wood stains from Carver

  • Unique colours available, superb coverage, fume free

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic wood surfaces

  • To be applied on sealant free wooden floors & furniture

  • 1L will cover about 30 to 50 sq meters (approximate)

  • To be overcoated with a two pack water based lacquer

  • Suitable for manual application and industrial applications

  • Available in 11 distinct colours, colours can be mixed


Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains – Why Primol Turbo


The old water based wood stains used to create artificial colours on your wood. A beautiful piece of wood stained with a cheap wood stain can look like a laminate floor. The new Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains is a different type of product. This top of the range wood  stain will penetrate the wood very deep, it will create a unique natural colour without glazing the surface. The fibre of the wood will be 100% visible with a hint of the colour in it. Not too long ago people and contractors used wood stains to mask imperfections but nowadays, a proper wood stain’s main job is to enhance the wood and create colours that make the wood floor compliment the furniture. Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains leads this new trend. A wide range of colours including : Neutral, Walnut, Teak, Moisson, Walnut Mansonia, Douglas, Cappuccino, Wenge, Dove Gray, Light Grey & White. There is a colour for any floor.


Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains – Where to use


The amazing Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains can be used on all new or newly sanded wooden floors. Some types of wood might not be compatible with some of the stains, but we will be happy to help you to select the most appropriate colour for your particular type of wood. You can use the new Primol Turbo Wood Stains to stain wood floors, frames, doors, skirting boards, panels, handles, etc. As long as the surface has no sealant on it and it is nice and dry, you can stain it. Remember, you will need to apply 2-3 coats of water based or solvent based floor lacquer over it to seal the stain. The wood stain is just a colour.


Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains – How to use it


First of all you need to make sure that the surface that you need to stain is unsealed, dry and residue free. Vacuum the floor a number of times to make sure that the surface is dust free. You will need a towel cloth, some gloves & a small brush. Open the wood stain tin after you have shaken it for about 10 seconds. Make sure that the top of the tin contains the right colour. Stick the towel cloth in it and start applying the wood stain around the narrow edges. The wood surface will absorb whatever amount of wood stain it needs within a few seconds. Whatever wood stain has not penetrated the wood in full, has to be removed. Use a dry towel cloth to rub the surface until the wood looks one even colour. Always go along with the fibre of the wood. If some areas look patchy, add some more stain and rub it until the patch looks even. Allow it to dry for 2-3 hours and prepare for lacquering.


Staining a wooden floor can be fun and rewarding if you take your time and if you respect the manufacturers recommendations. Always make sure that you have enough wood stain to complete the project.


Top quality products guaranteed by Carver Italy.


Carver Primol Turbo / Coloured Wood Stains



Weight 1.5 kg
Primol Turbo Colours

Cappuccino, Douglas, Dove Gray, Light Grey, Moisson, Neutral, Super Wenge, Super White, Teak, Walnut, Walnut Mansonia


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