Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer

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Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer. Premium Quality Deep Penetrating And Colour Enhancing Wood Floor Primer. Quick Drying & High Coverage


Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer


  • Heavy duty professional solvent based wood floor primer & wood floor sealer

  • Compatible with all new and newly sanded wooden floors, furniture, doors, etc

  • It will create a rich peachy finish to enhance bright or boring looking wood floors

  • It can be overcoated with any water based floor lacquer or solvent based lacquer

  • It will cover around 10-12 sq meters per 1L, reduces absorption of floor sealer

  • Fully ready for overcoating in about 2 hours, easy to use and easy to apply

  • It has a slight solvent odour that wears of after the floor has dried (about 2 hours)

  • It blends in slight discolorations on wood and it helps achieve a smoother finish


Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer – Why Isolante 65


Most manufacturers of floor lacquers will recommend the use of a floor primer before applying the final sealers. The idea is that the primers are usually cheaper than the floor lacquers and it reduces the lacquer absorption. Another reason is that most water based floor lacquers are clear, no colour at all, so some wood floor primers are enhancers as well, brightening or darkening the wood. The final reason is that wood floor primers penetrate deep and dry up inside the wood, allowing the lacquer that goes over it to glaze nicely and create a smoother finish. Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer is one of the most widely used and highly recommended wood floor primers in the EU. It looks amazing, it dries fast and it reduces lacquer absorption dramatically.


Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer – Where to use 


Now, you need to bear in mind that the new Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer is a colour enhancer. It changes the colour of the wood. If you are applying the sealer to a maple or a light coloured pine wood floor, the primer will create a nice peachy finish on it. If your plan is to brighten up the wood or to maintain its natural look, this primer is not suitable for your particular needs.

This top of the range wood floor primer is compatible with all types of wood floors but only recommended to use on bright coloured types of wood. It can be used on floors, furniture, frames, doors, handles, panels, etc. To be overcoated with a water based or solvent based sealer.


Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer – How to use 


A wood primer has to penetrate the wood so the surface has to be sealant free, new or newly sanded. Using a small brush apply the primer all over the narrow areas and areas around the skirting. For the larger floor area use a varnishing roller. Do not over soak the wood. The wood surface has to look wet but not soaked. While wet, the sealer will look very dark but after it dries it will look just perfect. Work in a well ventilated area and do not walk on the surface until it looks 100% dry. One coat should do the job. A 5L bottle will cover 40-60 sq meters of wood, depending on absorption.


To achieve professional results you need to use professional products. Seal your floors with the most highly recommended and widely used brand of wood floor products in Europe. Quality guaranteed by Carver Italy.


Carver Isolante 65 / Solvent Based Wood Floor Primer



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