Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer 


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer | High Traffic Floor Lacquer. Self Linking Technology, 100% Water Based, Non Yellowing & Incredibily Strong


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer


  • Single pack commercial & industrial strength floor lacquer from Carver

  • Suitable for sealing high to very high traffic wooden floors and furniture

  • Self linking technology, deep penetrating, non glazing and fume free

  • Can be used to overcoat primed wooden floors or directly on the wood

  • To be applied in two-three coat system with 2 hours break between coats

  • 100% suitable for sealing sport rooms, complies with all EU anti slip laws

  • Available in matt, extra matt & silk matt finish, dries in 2 hours, feels silky

  • Suitable for indoor use, not compatible with oil based wood stains/sealers

  • It will cover around 12 sq meters per 1L, but it can vary from job to job


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer – Why Delta


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer is not your classic water based floor lacquer. This is “the” floor lacquer you always wanted but you could never find. Carver Delta is a very high traffic water based floor lacquer that was designed to last for many years even on wooden floors with daily high traffic. This amazing product does not glaze like other similar products but instead it penetrates the wood and contracts inside the wood. It hardens up soft types of wood fibres like pine. Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is particularly suitable for pet owners. Because it does not glaze, the pets cannot scratch it. A floor refinishing project can be a big job and quite disruptive so you would only want it done once every 10 years. This is why you need to use Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer. Because you want up to 10 years of protection and natural looking floors.


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer – Where to use it


Wherever you want. It can be applied on all types of wooden surfaces like wood floors, wood furniture, tables, handles, frames, doors, etc. It can be applied over primers or directly on the wood. It can be used as an overcoat over pre-existing finishes (assuming that the surface is grease free and residue free).

Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer  is 100% water based and fume free. You do not have to move out of your home just because your floors were lacquered. The lacquer should be fully dry within 2-3 hours depending on ventilation. Fully dry means that you can walk on the floor without scratching but no furniture pulling on the floor for 24 hours. Highly recommended for sealing staircases, domestic floors with high traffic, restaurant floors, pub floors, child minding businesses, public buildings, etc. A proper heavy duty water based floor lacquer.


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer – How to use it


Sand the surface well to remove all pre-existing finishes and imperfections. Vacuum the floor to remove dirt residue and dust. Prime the floor with a solvent or a water based floor lacquer and allow about 2 hours to fully dry. Re-sand the whole surface with 150-180 grit sandpaper to remove all uneven surfaces and after vacuuming again, apply the first coat of lacquer. Use a small brush for the narrow spaces and a large varnishing roller for the larger surfaces. Apply enough lacquer to make sure that all areas are fully covered without lacquer puddles. Allow another 1-3 hours to dry (weather permitting) and apply the last coat. Your floor is sealed. Use the same system to seal all types of wooden surfaces.


Coverage Area : 10-12 sq meters per L

Sheen : Matt, Semi Gloss & Gloss

Drying Times : Approx 2 hours

Indoor Use Only


Carver Delta Polyurethane Floor Lacquer  / Italian quality guaranteed by Carver Italy



Weight 5 kg

Matt, Semi Gloss


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