Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil

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Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil | Oiled Floor Refresher And Oiled Floor Restore. Outstanding Coverage Area, 100% Matt Finish & Suitable For Commercial And Domestic Use

Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil


  • Reconditioning oil to be used for extraordinary maintenance of oiled/waxed floors

  • It will repair dull patches, imperfections, small scratches and traffic discolorations

  • Compatible with most hardwax oils and floor oils from Carver and other brands

  • A clear finish, 100% matt, very fast drying and very easy to apply, fume free

  • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial oiled floor recoating & restoring

  • It will cover anywhere between 30 to 50 sq meters, but it can vary from floor to floor

  • Highly popular with the professional floor refinishing and floor recoating industry

  • Much thicker than similar products, much more affordable & a much better product


Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil – Why Carsol


Most oiled floors or oiled furniture that are exposed to intense use and abuse, are likely to become patchy and dull looking. This is where the new Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil comes in handy. The product can be applied to individual areas to repair imperfections or it can be used as the main maintenance oil for the whole surface. Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil does not create sheen and does not create any different look between the areas that got treated and areas that were left untouched. A top quality maintenance oil from Carver. No professional training needed to use it.


Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil – Where to use


Universal repairing oil and maintenance oil from Carver. It can be used on all oiled and waxed floors and all wooden surfaces.The product will blend in nicely with all hardwax oils and floor oils from Carver brand or any other brands. 100% safe to use in areas used by kids, pets, older people, asthmatics. A quick drying maintenance oil suitable for refreshing, repairing and restoring old and worn oiled floors. 1L tin should cover anywhere between 30 to 50 square meters of floor, depending on your application method. If you are doing a manual application you are likely to cover around 30 sq meters while if you are using a low speed floor buffer, you are likely to cover 50+ sq meters.


Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil – How to use it


A visual assessment of the whole area is recommended before starting the refreshing project. The whole floor should be clear and empty of furniture, clean & dry. Use one of Carvers oiled floor cleaners to remove dirt and imperfections from the floor area before resealing it. Apply 1 thin coat of Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil with a cloth, a special application pad or a mechanical applicator. The wood surface will absorb whatever it needs to be sealed and you will need to remove the excess. The surface has to look evenly wet but not soaked. The floor will be dry and ready for use within a few hours but it can take longer if the floor is cold or if there is high humidity in the air. Do not wet wash the floor for 48 hours after the treatment.


To achieve professional results you will need to use top quality products. Refresh and restore your oiled floors with the new Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil.


Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil



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