Bona Wood Floor Refresher

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Bona Wood Floor Refresher | Premium Quality Wood Floor Refresher And Sealer. Quick Drying High Traffic Wood Floor Enhancer

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Bona Wood Floor Refresher



  • Ready to use maintenance refresher for all varnished or lacquered floors
  • It will restore dull patches and mask small imperfections & scratches
  • A water based product suitable for commercial and domestic refreshing
  • To be applied in two coats system with one of Bona`s flat mopping pads
  • It contains no wax and it allows further coatings with floor sealers/varnish
  • The product is polyurethane based, fume free, non yellowing & safe
  • It restores damaged wood floors to a new like condition without sanding



Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Where to use



Bona Wood Floor Refresher is one of the most popular products from the Bona range. A quick drying refresher for varnished or lacquered wood floors. It can be used on most wooden floors (except oiled floors) to restore lost gloss and to increase the protection against traffic, scratches and water damage. The product is easy to apply and does not require any training to use it. Not compatible with unsealed wooden floors.



Bona Wood Floor Refresher – How to use



The product is NOT suitable for use on oiled or waxed floors. Deep clean the floor with one of Bona`s wood floor cleaners, allow some time to dry and then apply 1-2 coats of Bona Wood Floor Refresher with a flat mop and Bona Applicator Pad. You will notice instant results. For best results go along with the fibre of the wood not against it. Allow 1-3 hours drying time between the coats. The area should be ready for traffic within 3 hours. Bona Wood Floor Refresher is polyurethane based so it will provide outstanding protection against markings, scratches and general staining.




Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Recommendation



Only apply on clean, dry wooden floors. Do not walk on the surface while the sealer is drying. Do not apply more than two coats at once. Do not use on unsealed wooden floors. Use a professional applicator pad to avoid streaking the floor



Bona Wood Floor Refresher




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