Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt

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Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt | Wood Floor Polish From Bona

Premium Quality Wood Floor Polish And Wood Floor Sealer. Suitable For Domestic & Commercial Wood Floor Polishing

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Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt



  • Premium quality water based floor polish for all varnished/lacquered wood floors
  • Seals the surface and creates an elegant matt finish without glazing it
  • To be applied with a flat mopping system on a clean, dry wood floor/surface
  • High traffic waterborne reinforced floor polish for domestic and commercial floors
  • Provides superior resistance to scuff markings, scratches, high traffic & chemicals
  • Easy to use, no training required, it will cover around 30 sq meters of floor per 1L
  • Suitable for repairing minor scratches, dull patches and general traffic imperfections
  • Responds well to buffing with a white floor pad, it can be overcoated from time to time



Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt – Where to use



An easy to use wood floor sealer suitable for repairing small scratches and dull patches. The product is 100% matt, it will not glaze and it will keep the wood looking natural. It can be used to seal all types of varnished, lacquered or polished wooden surfaces. Suitable for sealing and enhancing domestic wood floors and high traffic commercial wood floors. Fume free, water based, safe, quick drying and it can be used by anyone. The fastest and the cheapest way to restore old and worn wood floors.



Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt – How to use



Deep clean the floor to remove all types of markings, scuffs and impregnated grime. Allow the surface to fully dry and prepare the tools. You will need a flat mopping system, Bona Cleaning Pad and some gloves. Pour some floor polish onto the floor, put your microfiber flat mop head all over it and allow it to absorb the polish and then start polishing in more or less the same way as you clean the floor. Apply enough wood floor polish for the surface to look wet but not over soaked. You can do 1 or 2 coats, depending on the condition of the floor. Be sure not to walk on the floor for about 2 hours after the last application to ensure the polish is fully dry.



Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt – Recommendations



You can only seal wooden floors or surfaces that still have some finish on it. If the surface has a lot of damage or if there is no more sealant on it, a floor sanding & refinishing job might be required. Do not apply floor polish over dirty or wet surfaces. Do not dilute the floor polish and do not mix up glossy finishes with matt finishes. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from children and direct sunlight.



Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt




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