Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit | Varnished Wood Floor Cleaning System From Bona. Daily Cleaner And Maintainer For Varnished Floors

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit


Professessional wood floor kit for daily floor cleaning and maintenance


Contains everything you need to clean and maintain your wood floor


The kit contains 1 frame, 1 floor pad, velcro pad and 1 L of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner


Suitable for commercial and residential floor cleaning and maintenance


Can be used to clean varnished, lacquered and polished wooden floors


Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, 100% streak free results


Low cost, ergonomic, versatile, very durable, chemical resistant and light


No more buckets, no more cotton mops and no more harsh chemicals


Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit – Where to use


All wood floor owners have the same problems with the daily cleaning and maintenance of varnished or lacquered wooden floors. Chemicals dull the finish, residue left on the floor and water damage from over-saturation with water. Avoid all these issues by using the new Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit. Using the kit is quick and easy and totally hassle free. No more buckets, mops & chemicals, simply spray and wipe. The floor will look radiant, spotless and streak free. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner contains no water and it is PH neutral. This kit can be used on all varnished or lacquered domestic floors, small receptions and offices, some gyms, light commercial.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit – How to use


Attach the frame to the velcro pad holder and attach the Bona Cleaning Pad. You will find all these items inside the kit. Use the spray to spray the whole floor area, allow contact for up to 30 seconds and start scrubbing the floor going up and down along the fibre of the wood. The microfiber pad will absorb the liquid and it will create an amazing glossy finish. Repeat the operation a few times per week. Do not dilute the cleaning agent to avoid streaking the floor. 4L refills available to order from our website.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit – Guarantee


You will notice instant results. After only one clean, your floor will look much glossier and streak free. Regular maintenance with Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit will increase the periods between floor sanding and refinishing. Clean your wooden floors with one of the most popular wood floor cleaning kits in the world!


Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit



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