Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L

Universal wood floor cleaner and wood floor maintainer suitable for maintaining varnished, lacquered and polished wooden floors

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L



  • Innovative cleaning technology suitable for deep cleaning & maintaining finished wooden floors
  • Safe to use on varnished, lacquered and polished wood surfaces
  • PH neutral, perfume free, 100% safe and environmentally friendly
  • To be used with a spray and wipe system, just spray and wipe
  • Food certified so safe to use on worktops and dinner tables
  • Dries fast leaving a spotless, streak free finish
  • This product is Greenguard Certified and 100% eco friendly



Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L – Where to use



Deep cleaning varnished or lacquered wooden floors without proper products can be a nightmare job. You can achieve amazing results but you can also damage the finish or the floor or you can end up with a streaky finish. Avoid all these issues by using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L. This product has won the “Best In Test” competition outperforming 11 other wood floor cleaners. Use Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L to clean and maintain your wooden floors, your furniture, your chairs, frames, doors, etc. Spectacular results guaranteed without a lot of effort. It can be used for day to day domestic and light commercial wood surface cleaning.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L – How to use

Use the new Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L in conjunction with a soft microfiber cloth. Remove all large residue first and make sure that the surface is grease free. Spray a fine mist of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L all over the surface, wait a few seconds and then start lightly scrubbing the surface going along with the fibre of the wood. The product will soften up dirt and it will polish the existing finish. A wooden surface treated with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L will look healthier, it will achieve a better sheen and its finish will last longer. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L contains no water so there is no risk of water damaging wooden surfaces.



Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L – Safety



The new Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L is fully food certified, Greenguard certified and PH neutral. There are very few hazards associated with this product but to be safe, keep it away from kids, do not mix the products with any other wood floor cleaners and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.



Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L




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