Bona White Primer

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Bona White Primer | White Wash Wood Floor Primer From Bona. Easy To Use And Easy To Apply. To Be Overcoated With A Matt Finish

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Bona White Primer



  • Water based white floor primer suitable for creating a scandinavian finish
  • Can be applied to any type of unsealed or newly sanded wood surface
  • Can be applied in 1 to 3 coats, depending on how white you want it to look
  • Bona White Primer can be overcoated with all Bona water based floor sealers
  • It looks at its best when sealed with the popular Bona Naturale Lacquer
  • Enhances and prevents the surface from yellowing
  • A proper white wash finish, it will cover around 10-12 sq meters per 1 L
  • To be applied with a varnishing roller or a brush, allow 2 hours drying time



Bona White Primer – Where to use it



If you are trying to create a Scandinavian finish or a white wash finish on your floor, you need to try Bona White Primer. The product can be applied over new or newly sanded wood surfaces. 1 to 3 coats are recommended but more are possible. It can be overcoated with a matt finish for the best final look. Bona White Primer can be used to enrich wooden floors, wooden furniture, frames, statues, toys, etc. No special training is required to achieve spectacular results.



Bona White Primer – How to use it



How white it will look after 1 coat depends on the type of floor that you are treating and how well the primer is applied. Vacuum the area well, make sure that there is no sealant or sealant residue left on the surface & prepare for priming. Use a small brush to prime the areas around the skirting boards and all narrow spaces and use a varnishing roller for the larger surfaces. Initially, it will not look very white, but as it dries, it will get whiter and whiter. If you need it even whiter, you can do more coats. Bona White Primer is a “primer”. It needs to be sealed with  2-3 coats of water based floor lacquer. After the initial application, allow the surface to dry for 2-3 hours before applying more coats of lacquer.



Bona White Primer – Recommendations



There is not a lot that can go wrong while using Bona White Primer, just follow the instructions and safety guidelines and apply some common sense. Do not walk on the floor until it is fully dry. Do not go against the grain of the wood while priming. Do not mix Bona White Primer with any other floor primer to avoid reactions. If in doubt leave to the professionals.



Bona White Primer




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