Bona Traffic HD Raw

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Bona Traffic Naturale | 100% Natural Finish From Bona

Two Pack Clear Floor Lacquer Suitable To Use On All Solid & Semi Solid Wooden Floors. Non Glazing, Sheen Free & Low VOC

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Bona Traffic HD Raw



  • 100% natural two pack water based wood floor lacquer
  • maintains the natural look of the wood without glazing
  • non yellowing, high traffic, easy to apply & eco friendly
  • GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions & fumes
  • covers approx 12 sq meter of floor per 1L of lacquer
  • can be applied directly to the wood without any primer
  • also compatible with all Bona water based floor primers
  • suitable to use on wood floors with high to very high traffic
  • one of the most natural looking water based floor finishes



Bona Traffic HD Raw – Where to use



Bona Traffic HD Raw is not your standard floor lacquer. This innovative water based floor lacquer will seal and protect high traffic wooden floors without glazing or changing the natural look of your floor. The floor will look pretty much the same as it was before sealing it. It looks amazing when the wood is sealed with Bona White Primer & then overcoated with Bona Traffic HD Raw. You can use this top of the range water based floor lacquer to seal all types of unsealed wood floors, newly sanded wooden floors, frames, furniture, toys, etc. Suitable for indoor use only.



Bona Traffic HD Raw – How to use



Surface preparation : make sure that the surface is sealant free, clean and dust free. Depending on what you want done, you can apply 2-3 coats of Bona Traffic Naturale directly on the floor without a primer or you can use one of Bona`s primers. The ideal primer for Bona Traffic HD Raw is Bona White. This white primer will create a rich Scandinavian finish on any wood surface.

You need to mix the hardener with the lacquer. You will need to add approx 100 ml of hardener per 1L of lacquer. 1L of lacquer will cover around 10-12 sq meters of floor. Ex : if your room is 20 sq meters, you will need 2 L of floor lacquer per coat. So 200 ml of hardener to be mixed with 2L of lacquer.



Apply the first coat. Use a small varnishing brush around the edges and a varnishing roller for the larger areas. While wet, the finish will have a slight sheen but when it dries the sheen disappears. 2-3 hours later, sand the floor again with 180 grit sandpaper to remove all imperfections and rough areas. Vacuum well and prepare for the last coat. Job done. A standard living room 20 to 25 sq meters can be done in 2 coats with 5L



Bona Traffic HD Raw – Recommandations



This is a natural finish 100%. Do not expect to see a sheen or a glazing. The floor will be fully protected against scratches, water and general traffic. Do not forget to add the hardener to the mixture (it will not dry without it). Do not mix up more lacquer than needed per coat. Any lacquer that is mixed with the hardener will fully dry inside the bottle within 4 hours. Do not dilute the lacquer and do not mix Bona Traffic HD Raw with other varnishes. Use Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop for cleaning and maintenance.



Bona Traffic HD Raw




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