Bona Roller Handle

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Bona Roller Handle | Compatible With Polyester Roller 250 mm. Heavy Duty Roller Handle Manufactured From Stainless Steel & Plastic

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Bona Roller Handle


Heavy duty varnishing roller handle suitable for commercial and domestic use

Manufactured from durable stainless steel components and industrial plastic

Compatible with most types of wooden handles, aluminium & plastic handles

Fits all Bona 250 mm varnishing rollers and rollers from other brands

Very well priced, more durable & light weight than similar roller handles from other brands

Can be used for applying finishes on wooden floors or for painting all surfaces

Will not rust or corrode over time, will not be affected by chemicals



Bona Roller Handle – Where to use



If you are a professional or if you are looking to achieve the same results as a professional, you will need to invest in durable and well manufactured tools & equipment. A basic tool like a Roller Handle can slow down your whole project if it breaks in the middle of a large project or if it is too heavy to use. This outstanding quality roller handle is one of the most widely used and highly recommended tools by professional floor refinishing contractors. It fits nicely inside the rollers and it will last for very long periods of time. Bona Roller Handle can be used for domestic and commercial floor sealing and varnishing projects.



Bona Roller Handle – How to use



You need to make sure that you have the proper rollers for this roller handle. You should use it in conjunction with Bona Polyester Roller 250 mm to be sure of compatibility but you can also use it with rollers from other brands as long as it is fitted with the same joining system. In the middle of the roller you will see a small hole. Place the stainless steel part of your roller handle inside the hole until it feels like it is stable and is not moving around. Job done. You are ready to varnish or paint surfaces. You can change rollers as you move along. If you are using a solvent primer, you will need to use a new and dry roller just for that project. If the next coat is water based, you will need to remove the old roller and replace it with a fresh one.



Bona Roller Handle – Recommendations



Keep an eye on the roller handle to make sure that the stainless steel bar that holds the roller is straight and clean. It should slide nicely inside the roller without a lot of effort.



Bona Roller Handle




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