Bona R880 Adhesive

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Bona R880 Adhesive | Silane Based Construction Adhesive Suitable For Installing Skirting Boards And Wood Floor Repairs

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Bona R880 Adhesive


Quick drying professional adhesive for skirting boards & architraves

Low odour, highly efficient, very flexible & attachable to most surfaces

Highly popular with the construction industry and carpentry businesses

High coverage area, splashes can be easy cleaned, low cost

The use of a primer is not needed, extremely high initial bonding strength

Suitable for quick repair jobs due to its super fast drying times/bonding

The bonding process can be accelerated by pre-wetting the base surface

Can be used for installing small pieces of wood/parquet floors as well


Bona R880 Adhesive – Where to use


Bona R880 Adhesive is highly popular with skirting board fitting contractors and generally all trades that fit skirting boards, architraves, repair small wooden floors, etc. Due to its amazing fast drying periods and its easy workability, the new Bona R880 Adhesive is mostly used for quick repairs and fast installations. The product is suitable for indoor use only. Bona R880 Adhesive can be applied on all types of surfaces including render, skim, concrete, bricks, painted surfaces, wood bases, etc. Within 1 hour, the adhesive will fully dry and the bonding is completed.


Bona R880 Adhesive – How to use


Make sure that the surface is dry and residue free. Apply 2 lines of Bona R880 Adhesive with a silicone gun. The amount of product required is based on the type of surface to which the skirting boards will be attached. Very smooth surfaces will require little amounts of adhesive while uneven bricks or block walls will require much more adhesive to attach flat and even. Same process applies when installing small floor pieces like parquet flooring or small repairs. Create some pressure between the base surface and the item being installed and allow some time to dry. Any splashes or excess adhesive can be easily removed with a cloth.


Top quality skirting board adhesive from Bona. Suitable for heavy duty commercial use and domestic installations.


Bona R880 Adhesive



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