Bona Polish Remover

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Bona Polish Remover | Universal Polish & Sealant Remover

Highly Concentrated Floor Stripper Suitable For Removing Up To 3 Coats Of Water Based Floor Polish Or SEalers From Most Floors

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Bona Polish Remover



  • Floor stripper suitable for removing up to 3 coats of water based floor polish
  • To be diluted 1 to 50 in warm water before being applied to the floor surface
  • Suitable for domestic use and light commercial floor stripping & floor cleaning
  • This product will remove all Bona polishes, all Bona refreshers and sealers
  • Can be used as a heavy duty floor cleaner & tile and grout cleaner for tiles
  • The ideal polish remover for wood, laminate, lino, vinyl, tiles & ceramic floors
  • Pre-testing required to ensure compatibility, this is a highly active floor stripper
  • Do not use it without gloves and do not mix with other sealant removers



Bona Polish Remover – Where to use



Your wood floor polish is likely to wear off in areas with more traffic. Regular refreshing and touching up could build up a thick coat of residue all over your floors. To be able to restore the original look of your floor you will need to remove all old sealants and floor polishes before applying a new coat of protector. Bona Polish Remover is the ideal product for removing up to 3 coats of floor polish from wood floors, laminate floors, lino floors, amtico floors, vinyl floors, ceramic floors , marmoleum floors, natural stone floors. The product can also be used as a heavy duty tile & grout cleaner for unsealed tiles.



Bona Polish Remover – How to use



In a bucket of 10 L of warm water add 500 ml of Bona Polish Remover. Use a standard cotton or microfiber mop head to apply the product uniformly all over the floor. Make sure not to touch skirting boards or any other painted surface. Allow direct contact for about 2 minutes and then start scrubbing the areas around skirting and all narrow areas. Use a catering scourer pad or some kind of scrubbing  system. Apply the same pressure all over the floor. You will notice that the old sealer has transformed from a solid state into a gel like composition. Extract the waste and wash the floor with a floor cleaner to remove all traces of polish remover. Assess the surface again and if needed, strip the floor one more time. Some floors will require a number of operations before it is sealant free.



Do not allow the polish remover to dry on your floor

Do a pre-test for compatibility

Will only remove water based sealers but not varnishes

Dilute the product well before using it

Prepare all your tools before you start

Wear gloves and protective clothing



Bona Polish Remover – Recommendation



If you use this product correctly you will remove all traces of old sealants and polishes from your floors. If you do not respect the process step by step, you will burn the floor or you will not achieve great results. Bona Polish Remover is a highly active product that can cause a lot of damage so be sure to store it in a safe place away from children and direct sunlight and always wear protective clothing & equipment when using.



Bona Polish Remover





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