Bona Oil Refresher

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Bona Oil Refresher | Waterborne Oiled Floor Refresher From Bona

Restore old and damaged oiled floors with the new Bona Oil Refresher | Waterborne Oiled Floor Refresher From Bona

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Bona Oil Refresher



  • Highly effective, easy to use universal oiled surface refresher
  • It will rebuild patchy areas and restore the protection on wood
  • Safe to use on all types of oiled or waxed floors, furniture, frames
  • It will nourish the surface and create a rich satin finish coat
  • 1L should cover around 30 sq meters but it varies and depends on a few factors
  • No fancy equipment or buffers required to refresh your oiled floors
  • Spray it all over the surface and then use a microfiber flat mop head
  • Very fast drying, touch-up possible, waterborne, low VOC, 100% safe



Bona Oil Refresher – Where to use



Bona Oil Refresher is a waterborne oiled floor refresher that can be used to restore and refresh all types of oiled or waxed wooden floors. The product will dry fast and it will cover up dull patches and damaged areas. Low VOC, no fumes & safe to be used by domestic customers without heavy duty equipment. Reinforced polyurethane offers outstanding protection and durability. It can be used to re-seal and refresh domestic floors and high traffic commercial oiled floors. One coat should be enough but two coats can be done.



Bona Oil Refresher – How to use



Use a flat mop and Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner to deep clean the floor and to remove all kinds of residue and grime. Dry the floor nicely with a microfiber cloth or pad and spray the Bona Oil Refresher all over the floor. With a flat mop head apply one even coat of product going along the fibre of the wood. The surface has to look wet but not soaked. Touch up possible at a later stage if you have missed a patch or two. The whole area should be fully dry in about 2 hours. Ventilate well and keep the heating on to make sure that the refresher dries fast. All oiled floors require regular refreshing to maintain the protection.



Bona Oil Refresher – Safety



This product is low VOC and free from cobalt. It is not known to cause skin irritation or other health issues. Wear a pair of gloves if you are likely to be in direct contact with the product and store the product away from children in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight



Bona Oil Refresher





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