Bona Mix & Fill Plus

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Bona Mix & Fill Plus | Water Based Gap Filler From Bona. Highly Durable And Easy To Use Orofessional Wood Gap Filler. Order Online

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Bona Mix & Fill Plus



  • Water based flexible gap filler with exceptional filling qualities
  • To be mixed with clean wood dust and used to fill up gaps
  • Can be stained and sealed with any floor lacquer
  • Safe to use on parquet floors and gaps up to 0.3 cm or less
  • Fume free, quick drying, anti corrosive and 100% odourless
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial gap filling projects/jobs
  • Suitable to use on light and medium coloured wood surfaces
  • The easiest way to fill up gaps and prevent draught
  • 5L should cover around 20 square meter of floor (it can vary)



Bona Mix & Fill Plus – Where to use



While some floors look well with gaps, other floors can have a lot of issues because of the gaps. Dirt and residue can accumulate between the gaps, draught can blow freely around the house & light from downstairs lighting can sometimes be seen through the gaps. You can sort out all these issues by filling the gaps between the floorboards. It is essential that you only fill up gaps up to 0.3 cm. Otherwise it could crack. Bona Mix & Fill Plus can be used to fill all types of domestic and commercial floor gaps, furniture and frames. If mixed up with sanding dust from the surface itself, it will dry to look 100% like the rest of the wood surface.



Bona Mix & Fill Plus – How to use



Sand the floor well and expose the gaps. Do not use dust from the first sanding to mix up with Bona Mix & Fill Plus. First sand can contain dust particles, old finishes and other impurities. After you are done with the first floor sanding operation, sand the surface one more time with fine quality sandpaper. Use that fine sand to mix with the gap filler. Create a thick cream and apply it to the gaps. Some gaps will require 2 gap filling operations. The first gap filling job will create a base for the gap filler while the second fill will create a smooth finish. After it fully dries (2-4 hours) resand the whole area again. Now you are ready for finish the floor.



Bona Mix & Fill Plus – Recommendation



Make sure that you mix the wood dust with the gap filler until you have achieved a thick consistency. You cannot use it on floors that are not sanded or are unlikely to be sanded. The gap filler has to bond with unsealed wood otherwise it will fall off. Gap filling is a job better left to professionals. For this product to work well and be long lasting you need proper tools and the skill of a professional.



Bona Mix & Fill Plus




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