Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad

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Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad | Streak Free Applicator Pad From Bona

The Ideal Microfiber Pad For Applying Sealers Amd Refreshers. Compatible With All Bona Flat Mopping Systems

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Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad



  • velcro backed microfiber pad designed for applying polishes and refreshers
  • suitable for sealing & refreshing all types of surfaces with protectors/sealers
  • easily attaches to all Bona flat mopping systems & other velcro frames
  • the pad is machine washable & very gentle on all types of floors
  • leaves a streak free finish on wood floors, laminate floors, tile floors, etc
  • easy to use, cost effective, suitable for domestic and commercial floor sealing
  • the pad is very absorbent and will polish large floor surfaces in one easy go
  • to be used with Bona Wood Floor Polish, Bona Freshen-Up and the refresher



Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad – Where to use



Polishing or refreshing already polished wood surfaces can be a very complicated job if the pad used to polish is not top quality. You want a highly absorbent microfiber pad to absorb a large quantity of sealer or polish, you want a fine fibre microfiber applicator pad to polish to a streak free finish and you also want a velcro backed microfiber flat mop head to be able to use it with one of Bona flat mops. You want to use the new Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad. This pad ticks all the boxes and it was designed for this kind of work. It can be used many times over and it can be machine washed over 300 times. Suitable for commercial and domestic sealing cleaning projects.



Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad – How to use



Attach the Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad to one of Bona flat mopping systems and prepare for refreshing. Pour some refresher or sealer onto the floor surface, put your pad on it and allow the pad to absorb it fully. Start applying the sealer to the floor going from one corner to the other. Use the same quantity of sealer all over the floor and apply the same pressure on the pad to create a perfect uniform finish. After you are done with it, just throw it into your washing machine and then put it away until you need it again. Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad can be used with Bona Wood Floor Refresher, Bona Wood Floor Polish, Bona Freshen-Up, Bona Oiled Floor Refresher and other sealers.



Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad – Recommendations



Do not apply varnishes or thick oils with Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad. Make sure that your pad is clean and dry before use. Only seal and refresh clean and dust free floors. Do not forget to clean your pad after you are done to prevent the sealer from drying and building up inside the pad, making it unusable in the future.



Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad



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