Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer


Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer | High Traffic Water Based Floor Lacquer

Clear Water Based Floor Lacquer Suitable For Sealing And Protection Domestic And Low Traffic Commercial Floors.


Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer



  • premium quality single pack water based floor lacquer from Bona
  • suitable for sealing domestic and light commercial hardwood floors
  • can be used in two coats system without a primer, dry in 2 hours
  • enhances the look of wooden floors, non yellowing
  • estimated coverage area is about 12 sq meters per 1L but it can vary
  • to be applied over new or newly sanded floors or to overcoat finishes
  • available in extra matt and silk matt finish, high build characteristic
  • its fast drying time increases productivity and increases efficiency
  • not suitable for overcoating oiled based stains or hardwax finishes


Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer  – Where to use



One of the most popular water based floor lacquers from the Bona range. A thick consistency water based floor lacquer that can be used directly on the wood surface without a primer. It will fully protect the floor in only 2 coats. Suitable for sealing and protecting any type of new or newly sanded wooden floor, wood furniture, frames, etc. The product will create a beautiful natural finish without artificially glazing. Bona Mega One is not compatible with Bona Craft Oils or any other oiled based wood stains. It will provide superior protection for many years on all high traffic domestic floors and light commercial traffic.



Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer  – How to use



When sanding old floor boards or old wood surfaces, you will need to make sure that all pre-existing finishes and all imperfections are removed before lacquering. Finish the surface with 80 grit sandpaper, vacuum the whole area well and apply the first coat of varnish. Use a small varnishing brush for areas around the skirting board and all narrow areas and use a varnishing roller for larger areas. Apply an even coat of floor lacquer all over the floor. Do not allow it to puddle up in areas. The floor has to look wet but not too wet. Allow about 2-3 hours to fully dry, re-sand the whole area with 180 grit sandpaper to remove all residue and all rough surfaces and prepare for the second coat. Apply one more coat going along the fibre of the wood. Allow 2 hours to dry before walking on the floor. Job done.



Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer – Recommendations



Do not apply Bona Mega One over wood stains. Do not mix Bona Mega One with any other products or hardeners. Do not add colour enhancers to the product and do not dilute the lacquer. Clean all your tools after you are done and use proper wood floor cleaning products to maintain and refresh your floors. Use Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop to clean your newly restored floor.



Bona Mega One





Weight 5 kg

Gloss, Matt, Semi Gloss