Bona Intense Floor Primer

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Bona Intense Floor Primer | Quick Drying Wood Floor Primer From Bona. Superb Coverage Area And Premium Elasticity

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Bona Intense Floor Primer



  • High coverage fast drying wood floor primer with a slight “peach” colour
  • Suitable for sealing all types of unsealed or newly sanded wood surfaces
  • It will create a warm finish on very light or patchy looking wooden floors
  • Excellent abrasion performance and compatible with underfloor heating
  • It creates a perfect smooth base for further coating of floor lacquer/varnish
  • GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions, it will fully dry in 2 hours
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use, to be overcoated with a sealer


Bona Intense Floor Primer – Where to use



An easy to use quick drying wood floor primer suitable for sealing all types of wood surfaces that are sealant free, dry and clean. The sealant will penetrate the surface and will create a perfect smooth base for further coatings. Bona Intense Floor Primer has a light colour in it to create a warm finish on very bright wood surfaces. It dries in about 2 hours and 1L covers about 10-12 sq meters of wood surface. Bona Intense Floor Primer is not a floor sealer so it has to be overcoated with at least 2 coats of floor lacquer/varnish.



Bona Intense Floor Primer – How to use



Surface preparation before priming is essential. The surface has to be sealant free, clean and dry. Old floors or wood surfaces will require sanding before priming. Using a varnishing brush, prime all the areas around the skirting boards and all hard to reach areas. Use a varnishing roller to apply the primer on larger surfaces. Apply enough primer so the surface looks wet but not over soaked. The floor will darken up instantly but it will not be as dark when fully dry.



Bona Intense Floor Primer – Recommendations



Do a small sample test in a corner before applying it to a larger surface. Do not walk on the surface before it is fully dry. Keep the product in a dry and dark place.



Bona Intense Floor Primer





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