Bona Gap Master


Bona Gap Master | Acrylic Base Wood Gap Filler And Sealer. The Perfect Gap Filler For Small And medium Size Cracks And Gaps

Bona Gap Master



  • Acrylic based mastic suitable for sealing gaps between the floorboards
  • Available in a wide range of colours to match most types of wood colours
  • Quick drying, very flexible, odourless, high initial and final bonding strength
  • Can be used to fill up gaps & repair cracks/imperfections on wooden floors
  • A quick and durable solution that can be used by domestic users as well
  • Can be varnished or lacquered with a water based or solvent based sealer
  • 1 tube should cover a larger surface area but it depends on the size of the gaps


Bona Gap Master – Where to use



Bona Gap Master is a silicone free, odourless gap and wood crack filler available in 15 distinct colours to match all types of wood fibres and wood stains. Can be used for filling cracks on wood floor and wood furniture, filling up the gaps between the floorboards or to fill up gaps between the wooden floor and the skirting boards. A premium quality quick drying product suitable for domestic and commercial use. Top of the range elasticity guaranteed. It can be sealed with any water based or solvent based finish when fully dry.



Bona Gap Master – How to use



Select your colour, prepare a silicone gun and clean the area well to make sure that the surface is dry and dust free. Using the silicone gun apply the gap filler in the cracks or gaps and level it up with a small painting scraper to create a smooth finish. Remove all excess that is not needed and allow a few hours to dry. The product has no odour and it contains no solvent. When fully dry, you can seal the gap filler with a solvent or a water based floor finish. Suitable to fill small floor gaps up to 0.3 cm. Do not use the floor for a few hours after the gaps are filled.



Bona Gap Master – Recommendation



The colour chart is informative only. It might not be a 100% colour match. Do not fill up very large gaps. Use a pair of gloves and take your time to make sure that you achieve great results.


Bona Gap Master




Weight 1 kg
Master Gap Colours

Black, Bog Oak, Dark Beech, Dark Oak, Grey, Light Beech, Light Oak, Maple, Nut, Red Exotic Wood, Teak, Wenge