Bona Freshen Up 5L

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Bona Freshen Up 5L | High Traffic Wood Floor Refresher & Restorer. 100% Polyutherane Based Wood Floor Refresher. Order Online

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Bona Freshen Up 5L



  • 100% pure polyurethane based dispersion that leaves an exceptionally durable finish
  • Suitable for refreshing and restoring old wooden floors finished with a varnish/lacquer
  • Can be applied with a flat mopping system, a standard mop or a refresher applicator
  • Suitable for sealing and restoring high traffic commercial and domestic wooden floors
  • Wax free maintainer, allows overcoating with other sealers, premium anti-slip qualities
  • Protects the floor against traffic, water damage, markings, scratches and other issues
  • Responds well to burnishing with a white floor pad, to be cleaned with a neutral cleaner



Bona Freshen Up – Where to use



Wooden floors are likely to get damaged in the areas with the most traffic. Refinishing the whole floor is not really an option in some cases so another solution is needed to rebuild the protection and the original look of the floor. Bona Freshen Up is the perfect product for creating a high gloss on old and worn wooden floors. The product is manufactured from pure polyurethane dispersion that will ensure outstanding protection against traffic and day to day use. Bona Freshen Up can be applied on all varnished and lacquered wooden floors. Overcoating at a later stage is possible.



Bona Freshen Up – How to use



Scrub the floor well to remove all dirt and all grease from the surface.Allow 1-2 hours to dry and prepare your tools. You will need a flat mopping system and a Bona Cleaning Pad or Bona Applicator Pad. Pour some of the refresher on the floor, soak the applicator pad in it until it has absorbed it all and start applying it to the floor going along with the fibre of the wood. One coat should do the job but you can do more coats if you are looking for a better gloss. Bona Freshen Up can be buffed up with a high speed floor buffer and a white floor pad.



Bona Freshen Up – Recommendation



Only use on clean, dry surfaces. Whatever dirt is trapped under the refresher will be very visible when the refresher dries. Do not dilute the product and do not mix the refresher with refreshers from other brands to avoid patchy finish. Follow the instructions and safety guidelines for best results.



Bona Freshen Up 5L



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