Bona Freshen Up 1L

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Bona Freshen Up 1L | Hardwood Floor Refresher And Restorer. Commercial And Domestic Wood Floor Refresher From Bona. Order Online

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Bona Freshen Up 1L



  • The easiest and most efficient way to restore old wooden floors
  • Bona Freshen Up 1L will repair dull patches, scratches & sealant issues
  • It will create a very long lasting gloss on lacquered and varnished floors
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use, 1L will cover around 30 sq M
  • To be applied with a flat mop, a special applicator or a thick microfiber cloth
  • Bona Freshen Up 1L is a pure polyurethane based dispersant, fume free
  • Non yellowing, anti slip, wax free, overcoating possible
  • Protects against scratches, markings, water damage & chemical reactions



Bona Freshen Up 1L – Where to use



From time to time all wooden floors will require refinishing. But not all old looking and worn wooden floors are ready for such a major project. In some cases a good clean and a few coats of top quality refresher like Bona Freshen Up 1L will restore the protection and the look. Bona Freshen Up 1L can be used for sealing and refreshing all lacquered, varnished or polished wooden floors. You can use it on commercial and domestic wooden floors. This product will create a high gloss finish that will provide years of protection even on floors with daily high traffic. Fully certified as an anti-slip refresher.



Bona Freshen Up 1L – How to use



A bit of preparation is required before applying the product. Deep clean the floor with a proper wood floor cleaner and degreaser to remove all surface and impregnated dirt. Allow time to dry and prepare for refreshing. Use one of Bona`s flat mops and Bona Applicator Pad. Pour a bit of refresher on the floor and soak the applicator pad in it until it has absorbed it all. Now start applying it to the floor going along with the fibre of the wod. As the microfiber pad dries, add more refresher. One coat is usually enough but more coats can be done without any problems.



Bona Freshen Up 1L – Recommendations



Quick and easy to apply, Bona Freshen Up 1L can be used without any training. Just make sure that the surface is dry, clean and residue free. Do not soak the floor. The surface has to look wet but not soaked. Better results achieved if you apply a few thin coats than one thick coat.



Bona Freshen Up 1L




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