Bona Domo Floor Lacquer


Bona Domo Floor Lacquer | Professional Water Based Floor Lacquer From Bona. A Low Cost And Fumes Free Water Based Floor Lacquer.

Bona Domo Floor Lacquer


  • Innovative water based floor lacquer compatible with all low & medium traffic floors

  • Easy to use and easy to apply, non yellowing formula, available in matt & semi gloss

  • To be applied over a clean, sealant free, dry and spotless wood surface | indoor use

  • It enhances the look of the wood and it provides great protection against water | stains

  • It can be applied directly on the wood without a primer or over one of Bona`s primers

  • Compatible with all unsealed wooden floors, furniture, frames, doors, statues, skirting

  • Its estimated coverage area is around 12 sq meters per 1L but it can vary drastically

  • The product is not compatible with high traffic commercial or industrial wood flooring

  • A product highly popular with the floor sanding and floor restoration industry | trade

  • Very forgiving, no risk of overlapping, it looks natural when dry, very easy to maintain

  • The product is available in matt finish and a silk matt finish | 1 pack waterborne lacquer


Bona Domo Floor Lacquer | Why Domo


Not all surfaces have high levels of traffic so not all surfaces need to be sealed with commercial lacquers. A bedroom floor, a playroom or a low traffic wooden floor can be sealed and protected with the new Bona Domo Floor Lacquer. The product is low cost, easy to apply, it provides superior protection and it looks like all “expensive” floor lacquers from Bona. The product is available in a beautiful natural looking matt finish and also in a cool silk matt finish. The durability is not affected by the level of sheen.


Bona Domo Floor Lacquer | Where To Use It


If you are on the market for a great quality water based floor lacquer to seal and protect all kinds of wood floors & wood surfaces, you should consider the new Bona Domo Floor Lacquer. The product is compatible with all low to medium traffic wooden floors, wood furniture, frames, skirting boards, doors, etc. While the product is not suitable for heavy duty commercial use, when used on domestic floors it will provide years of durability. The new Bona Domo Floor Lacquer is suitable for indoor use only. It can be applied directly on the wood without a primer or it can be applied over one of Bona’s wood floor primers. Its easy application system and low risk of overlapping, makes the new Bona Domo Floor Lacquer highly popular with DIY users.


Bona Domo Floor Lacquer | How To Use It


There are a number of ways to use the new Bona Domo Floor Lacquer. You can use it to seal and protect new wooden surfaces or it can be used as an overcoating sealer over pre existing surfaces. Either way, the surface will require preparation.


Old and already sealed wooden surfaces will require sanding. Even new wood surfaces will require a bit of light sanding to remove rough patches and to create an even absorbing surface. The product is 1 pack so it does not require any mixing up with hardener. You can apply a coloured primer from Bona, a clear primer from Bona or you can apply the product without a primer.  The product has to be applied in a 3 coats system, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of lacquer or 3 coats of lacquer.


Using a small varnishing brush apply the product around the edges and around all areas where the varnishing roller cannot fit. Use a professional varnishing roller to seal the larger floor areas. Remember, always move along with the fiber of the wood and not against it. After the first coat of primer or lacquer has been applied, you will need to sand the surface one more time. By doing so you remove all rough patches and imperfections created by the roller. Vacuum the surface well and apply two more coats of lacquer. You can apply more coats of floor lacquer but 3 coats is the optimal level recommended.


When overcoating pre-existing surfaces make sure that the surface is spotless and in good shape. Any imperfection that is visible before lacquering will be even more noticeable after it is lacquered. One coat should be more than enough. A light sanding with soft sandpaper is highly recommended before lacquering to create some abrasion on the surface.


Bona Domo Floor Lacquer | Recommendation


The product is not compatible with any oil based wood stains. The new Bona Domo Floor Lacquer is not suitable for heavy duty industrial use. To be applied over clean surfaces. Do not mix up the lacquer with any other products. The recommended coverage area is “recommended” only. The actual coverage area can be much lower or much higher depending on a number of factors like the quality of the surface, the way it is applied and the skill of the applicator.


Bona Domo Floor Lacquer



Weight N/A

Matt, Semi Gloss


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