Bona Deep Clean Solution 5L

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Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L | Heavy Duty Wood Floor Cleaner. Top Quality Oiled And Varnished Wood Floor Cleaner From Bona

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Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L


Highly concentrated universal wood floor cleaner and wood floor maintainer
Suitable for mopping wooden floors or it can be used with a floor cleaning machine
Low foam, suitable to use on oiled floors and varnished wooden floors
To be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water, it reacts instantly with grime, dirt & grease
Highly recommended for cleaning and maintaining large wooden floor areas
It will not affect the finish of the wooden floor and will not leave a residue on the floor
Cost effective, affordable, long lasting and highly recommended by all users


Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L – Where to use

Cleaning large wooden floors without proper cleaning products can be a nightmare job. You do not need to waste your time and money on cheap, inefficient wood floor cleaners. Use the new Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L to deep clean and maintain all types of wooden floors sealed with an oil, hardwax finish, varnish, lacquer or polish. The product will react with all types of dirt deposits, it will soften up dirt and it will prepare the surface for extraction. It can be used on high traffic wooden floors like bars, restaurants, sport rooms, GYMs, etc. It reduces the time needed to achieve great results and it enhances the look of finished wooden floors.


Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L – How to use

This top quality wood floor cleaner and maintainer has to be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water before use. If you are washing the floor with a standard mopping solution, add about 2 caps of Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L in 10L of warm water. If you are using a scrubbing machine, you will need to add the wood floor cleaner to the solution tank. The dilution rate can be from 1 to 20 for heavy duty floor cleaning projects up to 1 to 100 for daily wooden floor maintenance. The product is powerful enough to remove all types of dirt but gentle enough not to affect the floor sealer.


Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L – Recommendation

Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L has no perfume and is a highly effective cleaner. Follow the manufacturers directions for use and safety guidelines for best results. Do not mix the product with any other wood floor cleaner to avoid unwanted reactions. Do not use the product undiluted. Wear gloves.


Bona Deep Cleaning Solution 5L



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