Bona Craft Oil 2K


Bona Craft Oil 2K | Professional Natural Oil Sealer With Hardener. Suitable For Heavy Used Wooden Floors. It Can Be Overcoated With Two Pack Varnish

Bona Craft Oil 2K



  • Two pack high traffic coloured floor oil suitable to use on all unsealed wooden floors
  • Manufactured from high quality modified plant based oils and top quality hardeners
  • Provides outstanding durability, can be fully used after only 8 hours
  • Bona Craft Oil 2K can be overcoated with Bona Traffic Hd, Bona Naturale & Bona Traffic
  • Colours : graphite, invisible, neutral, frost, light grey, cley, old grey, ash, sand, umbra
  • Bona Craft OIl 2K is also suitable for sealing and colouring wooden stairs and risers
  • A highly regarded and highly recommended wood floor stain, sealer and enhancer



Bona Craft Oil 2K – Where to use



Bona Craft Oil 2k is the new stain from Bona. This product is available in 10 distinct colours that can be used pretty much on all types of wooden surfaces. This product is sold with hardener that increases durability and speeds up the drying times. Bona Craft Oil 2K can be used on its own in one coat system to increase protection against water and liquids or it can be used as a wood stain and then sealed with Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic HD or Bona Traffic Natural. Compatible even with hard to finish wood types.



Bona Craft Oil 2K – How to use



Make sure that the surface is dry and residue free. Mix the hardener with the oil and wait about 15 min before use. You can apply the oil with a cloth, a buffing pad or an oil applicator. Apply small amounts of oil at once and allow the surface to absorb whatever it needs before removing the excess. You can have your floor fully protected after only one coat of oil or you can seal it with a few coats of matt Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic HD or Bona Traffic Natural. Do not use a single pack water based floor lacquer.



Bona Craft Oil 2K – Recommendation



Sand the surface well and make sure that the surface is sanded with the same grit. Do not mix more oil than needed per coat because it will get hard inside the bottle. Try to go along the fibre of the wood not against it. Follow safety guidelines & instructions for best results.



Bona Craft Oil 2K




Weight 2 kg
Craft Oil Colours

Ash, Clay, Frost, Graphite, Invisible, Light Grey, Neutral, Old Grey, Sand