Bona Cleaning Pad

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Bona Cleaning Pad | Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Velcro Backed Microfiber Cleaning Pad From Bona. Replacing Floor Pad For All Bona Flat Mopping Systems

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Bona Cleaning Pad



  • Velcro backed microfiber cleaning pad from Bona
  • Suitable for daily cleaning and general maintenance
  • It can be used for applying water based floor sealers
  • 40 cm, very well made, machine washable, cheap
  • It can be used with all Bona flat mopping systems
  • Suitable for domestic and light commercial cleaning
  • Highly absorbent, it will clean quick and streak free
  • It can be used with cold or warm cleaning solutions



Bona Cleaning Pad – Where to use



Bona Cleaning Pad is the ideal velcro backed microfiber cleaning pad. Compatible with all Bona flat mops & all 40 cm velcro frames from other brands. It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of polished and unpolished floors or it can be used for applying sealers and refreshers. Bona Cleaning Pad is manufactured from fine quality microfiber fibres and it will leave the surface spotless and streak free. Suitable for cleaning laminate floors, tiled floors, ceramic floors, lino floors, marmoleum floors, wood floors, porcelain floors, cork floors, etc. 



Bona Cleaning Pad – How to use



Bona Cleaning Pad will attach to a velcro frame. It can be used  dry or wet. This pad can be used as a replacement cleaning pad for Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop, Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Spray Mop, Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop & all other kitts from Bona. Just attach it to your velcro frame and start using it as usual. Once in a while, you can just clean your cleaning pad in your standard washing machine. The pad is designed to last for long periods of time even under daily use. From time to time you might need to replace your pad with a new one.



Bona Cleaning Pad – Recommendations



Even if you are using Bona Cleaning Pad for commercial floor cleaning jobs you should use a number of floor pads for each area to avoid cross contamination. Do not use the microfiber cleaning pad with bleach based or acidic based cleaning products. Use only Bona cleaning products and bona cleaning pads to achieve spectacular results on all types of surfaces. 100 years of experience at your disposal. 



Bona Cleaning Pad





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