Bona Cleaner 5L


  • Heavy duty wood floor cleaner suitable for domestic & commercial floor cleaning
  • Highly concentrated and slightly alkaline wood floor cleaner and wood maintainer
  • Compatible with a standard mopping system or in conjunction with a scrubber drier
  • Removes most types of dirt without affecting the finish of the floor
  • To be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water, compatible with varnished & oiled wood floors
  • One of the most effective wood floor cleaners suitable for commercial and domestic use
  • Low foam, reacts with dirt instantly, cost effective, very long lasting


Bona Cleaner 5L – Where to use


Bona Cleaner 5L is a professional wood floor cleaner suitable for deep cleaning and maintaining wooden floors with high traffic. The product can be used with a standard mopping system or in conjunction with a scrubber drier. Bona Cleaner 5L is usually used for heavy duty floor cleaning projects after renovations. The product will break dirt apart while protecting the finish of the floor. It can be used on oiled and varnished wooden floors. Due to its high concentration, Bona Cleaner 5L is known to last for very long periods of time. You will need to dilute the product before using it.


Bona Cleaner 5L – How to use


In a bucket of 10L of warm water add about 2 caps of Bona Cleaner 5L. When using a scrubber drier you should dilute the product 1 to 100 or more (depending on the condition of the floor). Apply the solution to the floor with a standard mop, allow a few seconds to react and then remove the waste. Never use a lot of water on wooden floors. Use a semi wet cotton/microfiber mop head or  flat mopping system. For daily wood floor cleaning and maintenance you should use Bona Wood Floor Cleaner instead. Only use Bona Cleaner 5L once in a while for deep cleaning.


Bona Cleaner 5L – Recommendations


Bear in mind that Bona Cleaner 5L is a heavy duty highly active wood floor cleaner. Use gloves to protect your hands and store it safely away from children and direct sunlight. Respect the recommended dilution ratio for best results.


Bona Cleaner 5L




Weight 5 kg